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Specific Gravity - Basic Chemical Engineering MCQs

Specific Gravity MCQs : This section focuses on the "Specific Gravity" in Basic Chemical Engineering. These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) should be practiced to improve the Basic Chemical Engineering skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

water which always has a density of?

A. 1 gram per milliliter
B. 1 gram per cubic centimeter
C. Both A and B
D. 1 gram per cubic milliliter

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Question 2

___________ is the ratio between the density of an object, and a reference substance

A. relative gravity
B. specific gravity
C. flow rate
D. mole fraction

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Question 3

An object density is a measure of how compact or heavy it is, in a given volume

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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Question 4

Specific Gravity of Castor oil is?

A. 0.8
B. 0.85
C. 0.9
D. 0.95

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Question 5

It is necessary to mention the temperature at which specific gravity is calculated, because

A. Mass of the substance changes with temperature
B. Density of the substance changes with temperature
C. Rigidity of the substance changes with temperature
D. None of the above

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Question 6

API gravity is measured in,

A. Gravity meter scale
B. Richer scale
C. Relative meter scale
D. Hydrometer scale

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Question 7

What is the API gravity of a substance with specific gravity 1?

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40

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Question 8

What is the specific gravity of 10 Kg of water occupied in 5 m^3 with respect to 100 g/m^3?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

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Question 9

Specific Gravity of Oxygen is?

A. 0.95
B. 1
C. 1.15
D. 1.5

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Question 10

The specific gravity has no unit 

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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