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Population Forecasting - Environmental Engineering MCQs

Population Forecasting MCQs : Here you will find MCQ Questions related to "Population Forecasting" in Environmental Engineering. These Population Forecasting MCQ Questions Will help you to improve your Environmental Engineering knowledge and will prepare you for various Examinations like Competitive Exams, Placements, Interviews and other Entrance Exmaniations.

Question 1

In Arithmetical Increase Method, The rate of change of population with time is ?

A. Constant
B. Increases
C. Decreases
D. Null

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Question 2

In Arithmetical Increase Method, the population after n decade can be determined by the formula ?

A. Pn = P + n. C*C
B. Pn = P - n. C
C. Pn = P * n. C
D. Pn = P + n. C

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Question 3

Incremental Increase Method is improvement over which method?

A. Geometrical Increase Method
B. Arithmetical Increase Method
C. Both A and B
D. Decreasing Rate Method

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Question 4

The Master Plan Method is also known as?

A. Logistic Curve Method
B. Zoning Method
C. Comparative Graphical Method
D. Simple Graphical Method

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Question 5

The master plans are prepared for the development of the cities for?

A. 15 to 20 years
B. 5 to 10 years
C. 15 to 25 years
D. 25 to 30 years

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Question 6

What is the expression used for population forecasting by the arithmetical increase method?

A. PO (1 + R/100)^n
B. PO + n*x
C. PO + n*x + ( n(n+1)/2 )*y
D. PO – n*x

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Question 7

Logistic method is also called as _______

A. Decreased rate of growth method
B. Incremental increase method
C. Geometrical increase method
D. Arithmetical increase method

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Question 8

Which method is suitable if the growth rate is decreasing and the population is reaching towards saturation?

A. Arithmetical increase method
B. Graphical comparison method
C. Zoning method
D. Decreased rate of growth method

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Question 9

Which method of population forecast is suitable when extension is required for small duration and past record is available for long duration?

A. Graphical comparison method
B. Graphical extension method
C. Logistic curve method
D. Zoning method

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Question 10

In Logistic Curve Method, The growth rate between point K to M follows curve of dp/dt = constant?

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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