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Matrix Algebra - Finite Element Method MCQ Questions

Matrix Algebra MCQs : Here you will find MCQ Questions related to "Matrix Algebra" in Finite Element Method. These Matrix Algebra MCQ Questions Will help you to improve your Finite Element Method knowledge and will prepare you for various Examinations like Competitive Exams, Placements, Interviews and other Entrance Exmaniations

Question 1

A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers arranged into?

A. rows
B. columns
C. Both A and B
D. values

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Question 2

____________ is used in statistics to express collections of data.

A. Matrix design
B. Matrix algebra
C. Matrix drawing
D. Matrix tool

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Question 3

Dimension are also called?

A. Elements
B. row
C. columns
D. order

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Question 4

A diagonal matrix with zeros as elements except for the diagonal, which has ones known as?

A. Identity matrix
B. Scalar matrix
C. Vector matrix
D. Transpose matrix

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Question 5

If you want to add two matrices, their dimensions must be exactly the same. 

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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Question 6

A matrix with 4 rows and 2 columns can be subtract to a matrix with 5 rows and 2 columns.

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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Question 7

A symmetric matrix is called ____________, if all its Eigen values are strictly positive i.e., greater than zero.

A. Negative definite
B. Co- definite
C. Positive definite
D. Alternative definite

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Question 8

A positive definite symmetric matrix A can be decomposed into form A=LL^T this decomposition is called ________

A. Rayleighs
B. Galerkins
C. Potential energy
D. Cholesky

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Question 9

Which of the following properties define a singular matrix?

A. The matrix is square 
B. It does not have an inverse
C. It has a determinant of 0
D. All of the above

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Question 10

A (A^-1)=(A^-1)A is a condition for ________

A. Singular matrix
B. Nonsingular matrix
C. Matrix inversion
D. Ad joint of matrix

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