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Linear Acceleration - Machine Kinematics MCQ Questions

Linear Acceleration MCQs : Here you will find MCQ Questions related to "Linear Acceleration" in Machine Kinematics. These Linear Acceleration MCQ Questions Will help you to improve your Machine Kinematics knowledge and will prepare you for various Examinations like Competitive Exams, Placements, Interviews and other Entrance Exmaniations

Question 1

Acceleration is the?

A. rate of change in the speed towards the time change
B. rate of change in the displacement towards the time change
C. rate of change in the velocity towards the time change
D. rate of change in the distance towards the time change

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Question 2

Its unit is?

A. meter per second
B. meter per second squared
C. km per second squared
D. km per second

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Question 3

Acceleration has the dimensions of velocity (L/T) divided by time ?

A. L T^−2
B. L T
C. L T^−1
D. L T^2

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Question 4

Accelerations are scaler quantities?

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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Question 5

The magnitude of an object's acceleration, as described by?

A. Newton's zero Law
B. Newton's first Law
C. Newton's third Law
D. Newton's second Law

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Question 6

Instantaneous acceleration, meanwhile, is the limit of the average acceleration over an infinitesimal interval of time.

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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Question 7

Which of them is a type of motion in which the velocity of an object changes by an equal amount in every equal time period?

A. uniform acceleration
B. constant acceleration
C. non-uniform acceleration
D. Both A and B

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Question 8

The centre of gravity of a coupler link in a four bar mechanism will experience

A. no acceleration
B. only linear acceleration
C. only angular acceleration
D. both linear and angular acceleration

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Question 9

When a point moves along a straight line, its acceleration will have

A. radial component only
B. tangential component only
C. coriolis component only
D. radial and tangential components both

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Question 10

The coriolis component of acceleration is taken into account for

A. slider crank mechanism
B. four bar chain mechanism
C. quick return motion mechanism
D. All of the above

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