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Prateek Asked :

31-05-2021 Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Q. Is resistance directly proportional to temperature?

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Dapzoi Verified
Commented on 2021-05-31 16:48:38 (IST)
The resistance increases as the temperature of a metallic conductor increase, so the resistance is directly proportional to the temperature. When we increases the temperature the amplitude of vibration of atoms increases as result of which the number of collision among the electrons and atom increases, and hence resistances increases.

ALLOY : The resistance remains Constance at any temperature. E.g. The resistance of eureka wire (60% cu, 40% nickle) is considered constant.

LIQUID CONDUCTOR : The resistance decreases as we increase the temperature of the liquid conductor. E.g. Battery has a liquid conductor (acid) in side it. In cool weather, the resistances of acid increase and hence the cars not start easily.

THERMISTOR MATERIAL : The resistance of cu, Ni, manganese material are normally high resistance at low temperature. But when the temperature increases so the resistance of the material decreases. These materials are used in the circuit for voltage regulation.