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Linnea Asked :

01-06-2021 Fuel Oil

Q. Low temperature carbonisation _________

A. produces less quantity of tar than high temperature carbonisation
B. is mainly producing smokeless domestic coke
C. is meant for production of metallurgical coke
D. produces higher temperature gas than high temperature carbonisation

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Dapzoi Verified
Commented on 2021-06-01 08:50:32 (IST)
Answer: B

Explanation: Carbonization carried out at a low temperature (between 500 degrees C and 700 degrees C). During the process, the smoke-producing compounds are driven off as tars and oils and collected as valuable byproducts, leaving a coke with about 10% volatile matter.

During this process, the fuel is broken down into solid residue called semicoke, a primary gas and a watery condensate.