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Prateek Asked :

13-01-2022 Problems on Ages

Q. Q is as much younger than R as he is older than T. If the sum of the ages of R and T is 50 years, what is definitely the difference between R and Q's age?

A. 1 years
B. 2 years
C. 25 years
D. Data inadequate

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Dapzoi Verified
Commented on 2022-01-15 13:19:30 (IST)
Answer: Option D



Given that:

1. The difference of age b/w R and Q = The difference of age b/w Q and T.

2. Sum of age of R and T is 50 i.e. (R + T) = 50.

Question: R - Q = ?.

R - Q = Q - T

(R + T) = 2Q

Now given that, (R + T) = 50

So, 50 = 2Q and therefore Q = 25.

Question is (R - Q) = ?

Here we know the value(age) of Q (25), but we don't know the age of R.

Therefore, (R-Q) cannot be determined.