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Prateek Asked :

24-05-2021 Ideal Transformer

Q. What are the Characteristics Of Ideal Transformer?

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Dapzoi Verified
Commented on 2021-05-24 13:25:29 (IST)
Characteristics Of Ideal Transformer :
1. Zero winding resistance: It is assumed that, resistance of primary as well as secondary winding of an ideal transformer is zero. That is, both the coils are purely inductive in nature.

2. No leakage flux: Leakage flux is a part of magnetic flux which does not get linked with secondary winding. In an ideal transformer, it is assumed that entire amount of flux get linked with secondary winding (that is, no leakage flux).

3. 100% efficiency: An ideal transformer does not have any losses like hysteresis loss, eddy current loss etc. So, the output power of an ideal transformer is exactly equal to the input power. Hence, 100% efficiency.

4. Infinite permeability of the core: Higher the permeability, lesser the mmf required for flux establishment. That means, if permeability is high, less magnetizing current is required to magnetize the transformer core.