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Rahul Asked :

04-06-2021 Belt Drives

Q. Which is positive drive?

A. Flat belt drive
B. V-belt drive
C. Crossed belt drive
D. Timing belt

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Dapzoi Verified
Commented on 2021-06-04 17:33:02 (IST)
Answer - D. Timing belt

Positive drive is a type of mechanical drive system which does not allow slippage during transmission of power. Gear drives, chain drives are examples of positive drives. It provides a constant velocity ratio. Positive drives are costlier than belt drives(allow slippage).

Timing Belts are one of the most important part of Power Transmission drives. Timing Belt can be best described as Belt with integrally molded teeth on its inside which makes positive engagement with axially grooved pulley. Timing Belt is also known as synchronous Belt or positive-drive Belt.