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80387 Coprocessor MCQ Questions & Answers

80387 Coprocessor MCQs : This section focuses on the "80387 Coprocessor". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the 80387 Coprocessor skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

If the 80386 enters the protected mode from the real address mode, then it returns back to the real mode, by performing the operation of

A. read
B. write
C. terminate
D. reset

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Question 2

If the CKM pin of 80387 is high, then 80387 is operated in

A. real address mode
B. protected mode
C. synchronous mode
D. asynchronous mode

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Question 3

The instruction that is unable to set or read the VM (Virtual Mode) bit is


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Question 4

The number of pages that the paging unit allows, in the virtual mode of 80386 is

A. 64
B. 128
C. 256
D. 512

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Question 5

The privilege level at which the real mode programs are executed is

A. level 0
B. level 1
C. level 2
D. level 3

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Question 6

The instructions to prepare the processor for protected mode can only be executed at the privilege level

A. level 0
B. level 1
C. level 2
D. level 3

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Question 7

The sizes of instruction and data pointer registers of 80387 respectively are

A. 32-bit, 32-bit
B. 48-bit, 32-bit
C. 32-bit, 48-bit
D. 48-bit, 48-bit

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Question 8

The unit that handles the data and directs it to either FIFO or instruction decoder depending on the bus control logic directive is

A. paging unit
B. central processing unit
C. segmentation unit
D. data interface and control unit

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Question 9

The unit that is needed for virtual mode 80386, only to run the 8086 programs, which require more than 1 Mbyte of memory for memory management functions, is

A. execution unit
B. central processing unit
C. paging unit
D. segmentation unit

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Question 10

The unit that is responsible for carrying out all the floating point calculations, allotted to the coprocessor by 80386, is

A. Central processing unit
D. None of the mentioned

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Question 11

To inform 80387 that the CPU wants to communicate with NPS1, the NPS1 line is directly connected to

A. A31
B. A30
D. D31

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