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Bearing Capacity Code MCQ Questions & Answers

Bearing Capacity Code MCQs : This section focuses on the "Bearing Capacity Code". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Bearing Capacity Code skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

The ultimate bearing capacity for cohesive soil can be calculated using the equation __________

A. q nf = c Nc.sc
B. q nf = c Nc.sc.dc.ic
C. q nf = Nc.sc.dc
D. q nf = sc.dc.ic

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Question 2

According to IS code, there are __________ types of failures of soil support beneath the foundation.

A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

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Question 3

For cohesion less soils, having c=0 Indian standard code recommends that the bearing capacity can be calculated based on __________

A. Relative density
B. Standard penetration resistance value
C. Static cone penetration
D. All of the mentioned

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Question 4

The effect of the water table is taken into account for bearing capacity in the form of ___________

A. Depth factor
B. Inclination factor
C. Correction factor
D. Shape factor

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Question 5

The standard penetration resistance is determined at a number of selected points at intervals of __________

A. 80 cm
B. 75 cm
C. 100 cm
D. 10 cm

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Question 6

If the water table is located at the depth D, then the value of W’ is taken as ___________

A. 1
B. 0.5
C. 2
D. 0

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Question 7

The bearing capacity equation for strip footing as given IS standard, can be modified on the basis of ___________

A. Shape of the footing
B. Type of soil
C. Bearing capacity
D. All of the mentioned

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Question 8

The depth factor can be applied to footing only when ___________

A. Back filling is compacted
B. Shape factors are not used
C. The base of the footing is circular
D. All of the mentioned

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Question 9

The value of c in the equation, q nf = c Nc.sc.dc.ic used for finding bearing capacity of cohesive soil can be calculated by ___________

A. Unconfined compression strength test
B. Static cone penetration test
C. Relative density test
D. All of the mentioned

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Question 10

IS code recommends a bearing capacity equation, which is similar to __________

A. Vesic
B. Meyerhof and Brinch Hansen
C. None of the mentioned
D. All of the mentioned

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