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Building Construction MCQ Questions & Answers

Building Construction MCQs : This section focuses on the "Building Construction". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Building Construction skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

The 9 cm x 9 cm side of a brick as seen in the wall face, is generally known as

A. stretcher
B. face
C. front
D. header

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Question 2

A wooden block hinged on post outside a door, is known

A. cleat
B. stop
C. horn
D. none of these.

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Question 3

The taper of precast concrete pile should not be more than

A. 1 cm per metre length
B. 2 cm per metre length
C. 4 cm per metre length
D. 5 cm per metre length.

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Question 4

In jack arch floor, the rise is kept

A. 1/6th of the span
B. 1/8th of the span
C. 1/10th of the span
D. 1/12th of the span

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Question 5

During percussion drilling

A. ground water observations are hindered due to entry of the slurry in the soil below the bottom of the hole
B. caving or mixing of strata are caused in soft soils or cohesionless soils
C. the soil to a considerable depth below the bottom of the hole gets disturbed
D. all the above.

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Question 6

The form work from the underside of slabs, can be removed only after

A. 1 day
B. 4 days
C. 7 days
D. 14 days.

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Question 7

Dado is usually provided in

A. dinning halls
B. bath rooms
C. living rooms
D. verandah

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Question 8

The loose pockets in soil mass can be bridged safely by providing a raft foundation provided the soft area is smaller than

A. the column spacing
B. one-third the column spacing
C. half the column spacing
D. three-fourth the column spacing

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Question 9

For constructing a terrazo floor. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :

A. a base course is prepared as in cement concrete flooring
B. a 32 mm thick layer of cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is laid on the base course and the surface is made smooth by trowelling
C. glass strips are driven into the layer according to the pattern required
D. after final grinding is over, oxalic acid mixed with water is spread over and rubbed hard with soft material

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Question 10

The Auger borings are not common

A. in soils that require lateral support
B. in cohesive soils
C. in soft soils
D. none of the above.

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Question 11

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :

A. Cement is added to lime mortar to increase its hydraulic properties only
B. Lime surkhi mortar is used for pointing the walls
C. Lime should be slaked before preparing lime mortar
D. High early strength concrete is generally used in cold weather.

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Question 12

To ensure that supporting area of an offset footing of a boundary wall is fully compressive, the C.G. of load must act

A. at the centre of the base
B. within the middle third of the base
C. within the middle fifth of the base
D. neither (a), (b) nor (c).

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Question 13

Skilled occupations include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, ironworkers, masons, and many other manual crafts, as well as those involved in project management.

A. True
B. False

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Question 14

The piece of a brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half the length and half the width of a full brick, is known as

A. queen closer
B. bevelled closer
C. king closer
D. half king closer.

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Question 15

Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure.

A. True
B. False

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Question 16

Stud(s) of a common wooden partition

A. are vertical wooden members
B. is the upper horizontal wooden member
C. is the lower horizontal wooden member
D. are the intermediate horizontal wooden members.

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Question 17

A ___________ can be used to span over a canyon, or depression, or even over a freeway or roadway.

A. culvert
B. tunnels
C. drainage
D. bridges

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Question 18

Pick up the correct statement from the following :

A. inclined borings are made for taking samples under existing structures
B. inclined borings are occasionally used instead of vertical holes.
C. the spacing of inclined borings is kept such that one bore hole is vertically above the bottom of an adjacent bore hole.
D. all the above.

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Question 19

The maximum permissible deflection of a timber beam supporting a roof, is

A. L/100
B. L/150
C. L/260
D. L/360

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Question 20

While designing a stair, the product of rise and going is approximately kept equal to

A. 350
B. 420
C. 450
D. 500

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Question 21

The process of making the back ground rough, before plastering, is

A. dubbing
B. hacking
C. blistering
D. peeling.

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Question 22

The pile which is provided with a bulb filled with concrete at its lower end, is known as

A. Simplex pile
B. Mac-Arthur pile
C. Raymond pile
D. Franki pile

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Question 23

Arches in the form of masonry arcs struck from more than four centres, are called

A. two curved arches
B. gothic arches
C. ogee arches
D. drop gothic arches.

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Question 24

Black cotton soil is unsuitable for foundations because its

A. bearing capacity is low
B. permeability is uncertain
C. particles are cohesive
D. property to undergo a volumetric change due to variation of moisture content.

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Question 25

The portion of a brick cut across the width, is called

A. closer
B. half brick
C. bed
D. bat.

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Question 26

Queen closer may be placed

A. in header course
B. in stretcher course
C. in header course next to first brick
D. in stretcher course next to first brick

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Question 27

Which one of the following rocks is used for monumental buildings :

A. granite
B. marble
C. sand stone
D. slate.

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Question 28

The raft slab is projected beyond the outer walls of the structure by

A. 5 to 10 cm
B. 15 to 20 cm
C. 25 to 30 cm
D. 30 to 45 cm

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Question 29

The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as

A. strip footing
B. strap footing
C. combined footing
D. raft footing

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Question 30

The exterior angle between outer faces of a wall, is known as

A. turn
B. junction
C. quion
D. all the above.

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Question 31

For providing a raft foundation, the following activities are involved ramming the foundation bedexcavation of the soil upto required depthlaying the reinforcement over the foundation bedcuring the cement concrete placed over reinforcementpouring the cement concrete over the reinforcement. The correct sequence is

A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
B. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
C. 2, 1, 3, 5, 4
D. 3, 2, 5, 1, 4.

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Question 32

If the span of crossing is greater than 12 feet (3.7 m), the structure is termed as bridge and otherwise is ______________

A. drainage
B. bridges
C. culvert
D. tunnels

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Question 33

The brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face of a wall, is known as

A. header
B. stretcher
C. closer
D. none of these.

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Question 34

In horizontal D.P.C, thickness of cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is

A. 2 cm
B. 4 cm
C. 6 cm
D. 8 cm

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Question 35

A ___________________ is a construction industry professional with expert knowledge on construction costs and contracts. They are not to be confused with Land Surveyors or Land Survey Engineers.

A. Project manager
B. Building services engineer
C. Quantity Surveyor
D. Civil estimators

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Question 36

The member which is placed horizontally to support common rafter of a sloping roof, is

A. purlin
B. cleat
C. batten
D. strut.

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Question 37

The entrained concrete is used in lining walls and roofs for making

A. heat insulated
B. sound insulated
C. neither (a) nor (b)
D. both (a) and (b).

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Question 38

In case of multi-storeyed buildings, the forms to be removed first are

A. sides of beams and girders
B. column forms
C. bottom of beams and girders
D. all the above at the same time.

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Question 39

In English garden wall bond

A. one course of headers to three or five course of stretchers
B. queen closer in provided in each heading course
C. the middle course of stretchers is started with a header to give proper vertical joints
D. all the above.

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Question 40

The single stage well point system of dewatering an excavation can be used if the depth of excavation does not exceed

A. 5 m
B. 10 m
C. 15 m
D. 20 m

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Question 41

The line of intersection of the surfaces of a sloping roof forming an external angle exceeding 180°, is

A. ridge
B. hip
C. valley
D. none of these.

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Question 42

A projecting piece usually provided to support a truss, is

A. cornice
B. coping
C. frieze
D. lintal.

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Question 43

The angular steps used for changing direction of the stairs, are called

A. round steps
B. angular steps
C. winders
D. radial steps

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Question 44

The under surface of an arch, is called

A. soffit
B. intrados
C. haunch
D. back.

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Question 45

A solid core of rock is formed in side the cylinder in the case of

A. auger boring
B. percussion drilling
C. diamond drilling
D. wash boring.

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Question 46

Which one of the following factors is considered for the orientation of buildings :

A. the direction of the prevailing winds in the area
B. the exposure of the walls and roof of the buildings to the rays of sun
C. the extent up to which the sunrays penetrate with the verandah.
D. all the above.

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Question 47

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

A. Louvered door is generally provided in bath rooms
B. Flush door is generally provided in dinning room
C. Revolving door is generally provided in cinema halls
D. Sliding door is generally provided in show rooms

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Question 48

The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase

A. strength
B. workability
C. stability of structure
D. all the above.

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