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Clutch & Fluid Coupling MCQ Questions & Answers

Clutch & Fluid Coupling MCQs : This section focuses on the "Clutch & Fluid Coupling". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Clutch & Fluid Coupling skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A multi disc clutch has 4 steel discs and 3 bronze disc. The outside and inside diameter of contact surfaces are 250 mm and 180 mm respectively. The coefficient of friction is 0.3 and axial force is 400 N assuming uniform wear. The power in kw that clutch can transmit at 1000 rpm is ______

A. 4.05 KW
B. 16.20 KW
C. 8.10 KW
D. 32.40 KW

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Question 2

A multidisc clutch, n=8, d0=15cm, di=11 cm. Determine the total load on springs, power = 8hp, N=1000 rpm, μ=0.08.

A. 163.133 N
B. 200.147 N
C. 157.142 N
D. 186.150 N

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Question 3

A multiple disc clutch is composed of 5 steels and 4 bronze discs. The clutch is required to transmit 16 Nm of torque. If the inner diameter is restricted to 50 mm, determine the necessary outer diameter of the discs. (Co-efficient of friction=0.1)

A. 63 mm
B. 35 mm
C. 70 mm
D. 14 mm

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Question 4

A multiple disc clutch, steel on bronze is to transmit 6 HP at 750 rpm. The inner radius of contact is 4cm and outer radius of contact is 7 cm. Coefficient of friction is 0.1 and the average allowable pressure is 3.5 kgf/cm2. Find the actual axial force required.

A. 2335.09 N
B. 2590.90 N
C. 1999.76 N
D. 2143.65 N

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Question 5

A safety clutch is mounted on the drive shaft of a mower cutter bar. The clutch disc is active on both sides and has inner and outer diameters of 6 and 14 cm respectively. The friction co-efficient of the material of the clutch has to start slipping at 10Nm torque, the pressure acting on the clutch plate (assuming uniform pressure conditions) will be _______

A. 53.04 kPa
B. 13.26 kPa
C. 7.96 kPa
D. 25.18 kPa

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Question 6

A single plate clutch with both sides effective, has an outer diameter of 30 cm and inner diameter of 20 cm. the maximum intensity of pressure at any point in the contact surface is not exceed 1 kg/cm2. If the co-efficient of friction is 0.3, determine the horse power transmitted by a clutch speed of 2000 rev/min.

A. 65.73 HP
B. 98.75 HP
C. 45.29 HP
D. 51.17 HP

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Question 7

An impeller with radial vanes constituting the driving member and runner with radial vanes constituting the driven member is found in ______

A. Fluid coupling
B. Dog clutch
C. Friction clutch
D. Cone clutch

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Question 8

Determine the maximum pressure in a plate when axial force is 4 KN. The radius of contact surface is 50 mm outside radius is 100 mm.

A. 0.255 N/mm
B. 0.319 N/mm
C. 0.248 N/mm
D. 0.303 N/mm

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Question 9

Determine the minimum and average pressure in a plate when axial force is 4 KN. The radius of contact surface is 50 mm outside radius is 100 mm.

A. 0.127 N/mm; 0.17 N/mm
B. 0.186 N/mm; 0.10 N/mm
C. 0.183 N/mm; 0.18 N/mm
D. 0.120 N/mm; 0.72 N/mm

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Question 10

How much oil is filled in the coupler of the fluid coupling?

A. 05-Apr
B. 03-Feb
C. \(\frac{1}{2} \)
D. \(\frac{3}{4} \)

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Question 11

In single plate clutch there is no need of coolant, hence it is also known as ______

A. Wet clutch
B. Damp clutch
C. Dog clutch
D. Dry clutch

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Question 12

Multi plate clutch, when coolant is required, is also known as ______

A. Dry Clutch
B. Wet Clutch
C. Field Clutch
D. Dog Clutch

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Question 13

What is the pressure in the new uniform pressure theory?

A. Pressure = w+?(r02-ri2)
B. Pressure = \(\frac{w}{?{r02-ri2}} \)
C. Pressure = w*?(r02-ri2)
D. Pressure = w-?(r02-ri2)

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Question 14

What is the uniform pressure theory for new clutch plated?

A. T = η+μ+ W+Reff
B. T = η - μ - W - Reff
C. T = ημWReff
D. T = 1 - (ημWReff)

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Question 15

Which displacement can be achieved by toothed type clutch?

A. Positive displacement
B. Negative displacement
C. Neutral displacement
D. Divisional displacement

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Question 16

Which type of clutch has got number of thin metal plates, arranged alternately to work as driving and driven members?

A. Dog clutch
B. Fluid coupling
C. Multiple plate clutch
D. Single plate clutch

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