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Composite Shaft MCQ Questions & Answers

Composite Shaft MCQs : This section focuses on the "Composite Shaft". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Composite Shaft skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

_____ is a phenomenon by which the study and continuous flow of liquid are obstructed.

A. Slip
B. Separation
C. Air vessels
D. Knockage

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Question 2

_____ pumps give a larger discharge.

A. Suction
B. Reciprocating
C. Centrifugal
D. Positive displacement

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Question 3

_____ slip occurs, when the delivery pipe is short and the suction pipe is long.

A. Positive
B. Critical
C. Negative
D. Zero

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Question 4

______ pumps, the torque is uniform.

A. Reciprocating pump
B. Suction pump
C. Delivery pump
D. Centrifugal pump

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Question 5

________ reduces the possibility of separation.

A. Air vessels
B. Casing
C. Impeller
D. Vortex

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Question 6

Calculate that torque, if the diameter of the shaft is 50 mm and revolutions @ 130 rpm. The maximum shear stress is 62.5 N/mm2.

A. 1564 Nm
B. 1478 Nm
C. 1534 Nm
D. 1494 Nm

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Question 7

If the absolute pressure falls below ___________ m, the pump prone to separation.

A. 3 m
B. 2 m
C. 1.5 m
D. 2.5 m

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Question 8

Negative slip occurs when the______ is more than theoretical discharge.

A. Virtual discharge
B. Actual discharge
C. Mean discharge
D. Mode discharge

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Question 9

Reciprocating pump is an example of ___________

A. Positive displacement pump
B. Delivery pump
C. Suction pump
D. Rotodynamic pump

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Question 10

The phenomenon of separation can also be known as ___________

A. Cavitation
B. Priming
C. Positive head
D. Pulsate

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Question 11

The work done against friction is reduced due to _____________

A. Impeller
B. Priming
C. Air vessel
D. Vortex

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Question 12

Volute is a type of _____________

A. Delivery pipe
B. Casing
C. Impeller
D. Suction pipe

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Question 13

What is the example for a centrifugal pump?

A. Reciprocating pump
B. Suction pump
C. Rotodynamic pump
D. Delivery pump

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Question 14

What is the practical maximum suction lift in a reciprocating pump?

A. 3.5 m
B. 4.5 m
C. 5 m
D. 6.5 m

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