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Cooling System MCQ Questions & Answers

Cooling System MCQs : This section focuses on the "Cooling System". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Cooling System skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A body cools from 70°C to 40°C in 5 minutes at surrounding temperature of 10°C. How long will it take for the body to cool from 49°C to 25°C?

A. 4.3 minutes
B. 6.5 minutes
C. 3.3 minutes
D. 1.8 minutes

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Question 2

A capillary tube has a diameter of 3 mm and 100 mm length. A head of 10 cm of oil above the inlet of the capillary maintains a pressure difference across the capillary. The specific gravity of oil is 0.92. A volume of 300 cm3 of oil passes through the in 10s. What will be the viscosity of oil?

A. 5.68 * 10-4 poise
B. 5.98 * 10-4 poise
C. 5.68 * 10-5 poise
D. 5.98 * 10-5 poise

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Question 3

A diesel tractor develops 60 KW with a coolant temperature difference 5.5°C. What will be the quantity of water to be circulated through the radiator?

A. 3.72 l/s
B. 5.56 l/s
C. 9.88 l/s
D. 11.10 l/s

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Question 4

At what temperature does the thermostats fully open?

A. 36°C
B. 98°C
C. 82°C
D. 42°C

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Question 5

What amount of washing soda and kerosene oil should be added in water to make a solution to clean the cooling system?

A. 2 kg water and 0.5 kg kerosene oil
B. 2.5 kg water and 1.5 kg kerosene oil
C. 1 kg water and 0.5 kg kerosene oil
D. 1.5 kg water and 2.5 kg kerosene oil

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Question 6

What are the different temperatures at which thermostats fully opens for petrol and diesel engine respectively?

A. 106°C;120°C
B. 89°C;98°C
C. 82°C;90°C
D. 100°C;102°C

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Question 7

What is the formula for Newton's law of cooling?

A. \(\frac{dθ}{dt}\) = KA (θ-θ0)
B. \(\frac{dθ}{dt}\) = KA (θ+θ0)
C. \(\frac{dθ}{dt}\) = KA (θ*θ0)
D. \(\frac{dθ}{dt}\) = KA (θ/θ0)

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Question 8

What is the maximum permissible V-belt sag?

A. 15 mm
B. 20 mm
C. 10 mm
D. 18 mm

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Question 9

What is the melting point of Platinum?

A. 1750°C
B. 2050°C
C. 850°C
D. 750°C

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Question 10

What is the range of best operating rating temperature of I.C. engine?

A. 106°F - 120°F
B. 140°F - 200°F
C. 106°F - 200°F
D. 120°F - 140°F

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Question 11

What is the temperature dropping in the radiator of a tractor when the flow rate of water is 0.16 litre per second per KW?

A. 8.5°C to 5.5 °C
B. 11°C to 10 °C
C. 20°C to 15 °C
D. 12.75 °C to 9.79°C

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Question 12

What is the temperature of burning gases in the engine?

A. 3000-4000°C
B. 1500-2000°C
C. 11000-12000°C
D. 9000-10000°C

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Question 13

What is the temperature of water in a closed radiator under high pressure?

A. 319°F
B. 123°F
C. 264°F
D. 243°F

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Question 14

What output do the engines reject running at a speed of 2000 rpm and at full load condition using gasoline?

A. 0.75 KW
B. 0.89 KW
C. 0.23 KW
D. 0.44 KW

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Question 15

What would be the quantity of water to be circulated through the radiator, if diesel tractor developed 40 KW with a coolant temperature difference of 5.5°C?

A. 4.26 lps
B. 4.19 lps
C. 2.86 lps
D. 3.72 lps

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Question 16

Which law states that the rate of heat radiated by a body is directly proportional to the excess of temperature, provided that the excess temperature is less as compared to the surrounding temperature?

A. Pascal's law
B. Newton's law of cooling
C. Einstein's equation
D. Henry's law

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Question 17

Which of the following is not a method of water cooling?

A. Open jacket or hopper method
B. Open flame method
C. Thermosiphon method
D. Forced circulation method

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Question 18

Who invented the automobile water radiator?

A. Wilhelm Maybach
B. Karl Benz
C. Elon Musk
D. Alfred Noble

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