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Dams Stability Analysis MCQ Questions & Answers

Dams Stability Analysis MCQs : This section focuses on the "Dams Stability Analysis". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Dams Stability Analysis skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

Molitor's formula can be used for calculation of ___________

A. Freeboard
B. Toe width
C. Wave height
D. Base drop

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Question 2

If the minimum stress developed is negative, then the nature of stress is ___________

A. Shearing
B. Tensile
C. Bending
D. Compressive

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Question 3

To ensure economy in dam sections, the ______ should be minimum.

A. Base width
B. Top width
C. Spillway length
D. Toe of the wall

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Question 4

The upstream slope recommended for sand and gravel with RCC core wall is __________

A. 01:02
B. 03:01
C. 2.5:1
D. 1.5:1

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Question 5

Determine the eccentricity of the dam section, if the base width of the dam be 6m. Take Z = 5.5m.

A. 2.5
B. 1.5
C. 3.5
D. 4.5

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Question 6

If the maximum stress is positive, then the nature of stress is ____

A. Tensile
B. Shearing
C. Compressive
D. Bending

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Question 7

_____________ sections allow the surplus discharge to flow in dams.

A. Mulching
B. Over reinforced
C. Breaching
D. Balanced

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Question 8

____________ creates concentrated seepage in dams section.

A. Longitudinal cracks
B. Transverse cracks
C. Construction cracks
D. Contraction cracks

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Question 9

Molitor’s formula can be used for calculation of ___________

A. Freeboard
B. Toe width
C. Wave height
D. Base drop

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Question 10

Calculate the maximum stress at the base section is the self weight is 4400 kN. The top and bottom width of them are 3 and 8 m respectively. Take (e) = 2.97.

A. 1658.15 kN/m2
B. 1775.12 kN/m2
C. 1897.45 kN/m2
D. 2336.67 kN/m2

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Question 11

Calculate the minimum stress developed at the heel of the dam, if the self weight of the dam is 924 kN and the base with is 6 metres [Take e = 0.0945m].

A. 145 kN/m2
B. 139 kN/m2
C. 167 kN/m2
D. 183 kN/m2

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Question 12

The structures constructed along are distributaries are called as _______

A. Inlets
B. Outlets
C. Distributaries
D. Channels

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Question 13

The height of the dam = free board + ___________


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Question 14

The side slopes depend on ____________ conditions of a proposed dam.

A. Toe width
B. Height of foundation
C. Character of material
D. Free board allowance

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Question 15

Field channels are also known as ______

A. Branch canals
B. Slope channels
C. Water courses
D. Contour canals

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Question 16

Major distributaries discharge varies from ____________

A. 0.25 to 5 cumecs
B. 2 to 4 cumecs
C. 1.5 to 5 cumecs
D. 1.2 to 5 cumecs

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