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Diathermy MCQ Questions & Answers

Diathermy MCQs : This section focuses on the "Diathermy". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Diathermy skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

For what all purposes is diathermy principal used?

A. Surgical and Therapeutic
B. Therapeutic and Diagnostic
C. Diagnostic and surgical
D. Diagnostic and rehabilitative

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Question 2

If the half life is found to be 100 msec, what is the decay constant?

A. 693 per second
B. 24948 per hour
C. 0.1155 per minute
D. 59875.2 per day

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Question 3

The types of therapeutic diathermy machines that exist are ___________

A. Short wave, micro wave and ultrasound
B. Short wave, ultrasound and cold compress
C. Cold compress, microwave and electrical impulse
D. Electrical impulse, microwave and ultrasound

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Question 4

With what energy must the radiation be given to image a bone of thickness 5 cm which has covering of skin of thickness of 2 cm on the both sides and the emerging intensity of the X – Ray is 200MeV. (impedance for bone = b for skin = s )

A. 2000000000000
B. 200e(4s + 5b)
C. 20/e
D. 2e

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Question 5

What precaution is used in diathermy?

A. the patient is made to lie on a soft pillow
B. pads are used for grounding and completing the circuit
C. the patient is made to drink a large number of fluids
D. wooden blocks are used for grounding

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Question 6

In heat wave diathermy, the maximum power given out is 500 W and the maximum voltage possible is 4000V. Thus, what is the highest resistance that heat wave diathermy machine can deal with?

A. 3.2 K ohm
B. 32 K ohm
C. 320 K ohm
D. 3200 K ohm

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Question 7

What is the relation between 1 Rad, 1 Rem and 1 R?

A. 1 Rad ≈ 1.5 Rem ≈ 1000 R
B. 1 Rad ≈ 10 Rem ≈ 1.8 R
C. 1 Rad ≈ 1 Rem ≈ 1 R
D. 1 Rad ≈ 10 Rem ≈ 100 R

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Question 8

What surgical functions are performed by the diathermy machine?

A. cutting, coagulation, fulguration
B. cutting, fulguration
C. cutting, coagulation
D. coagulation, fulguration

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Question 9

Which of the following is used to measure the biological damage caused by radiation?

A. Curie
B. Rem
C. Rad
D. Roentgens

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Question 10

What is the frequency range of the sound used for ultrasound diathermy?

A. 0.1 – 0.7 MHz
B. 0.7 – 3.3 MHz
C. 3.3 – 5 MHz
D. 5 – 15 MHz

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Question 11

Beyond what dose is the cerebral system shows signs of failure?

A. 25 – 200 rad
B. 200 – 600 rad
C. 600 – 1000 rad
D. > 1000 rad

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Question 12

In a hypothetical radioactive material, the total number of active photons are 20000 and the decay constant is found out to be 4.916 X 10-17 per second. How much of the material will be left in a 100 years? (1 year = 365 days. Leap year is not assumed in the calculations)

A. 1589.99999
B. 19999.9999
C. 19.999999
D. 123.99999

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Question 13

The two known units of radioactivity and the relation between the two are _______

A. Curie and Becquerel 1 Ci = 3.7 x 1010 Bq
B. Curie and Becquerel 1 Bq = 3.7 x 1010 Ci
C. Curie and Roentgens 1 Ci = 1000 R
D. Roentgen and Becquerel 1 R = 1000 Bq

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