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Fixed Beam Deflection MCQ Questions & Answers

Fixed Beam Deflection MCQs : This section focuses on the "Fixed Beam Deflection". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Fixed Beam Deflection skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

__________ regulates the speed of turbine.

A. Tail race
B. Anchor blocks
C. Power house
D. Surge tank

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Question 2

1 litre = ____________ m3.

A. 104
B. 103
C. 03-Oct
D. 04-Oct

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Question 3

Calculate discharge of a weir 2 metre long with a water flow over a head of 250 mm use Francis formula.

A. 0.34 m3/s
B. 0.46 m3/s
C. 0.25 m3/s
D. 0.65 m3/s

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Question 4

Fixing couples means _____

A. End moments
B. Support couples
C. Support moments
D. End supports

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Question 5

Flow in rivers is an example of __________ flow.

A. Rotational
B. Laminar
C. Compressible
D. Turbulent

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Question 6

In cipoletti weir, the side slopes are _______________

A. 1 in 3
B. 1 in 2
C. 1 in 5
D. 1 in 4

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Question 7

In fixed beams, the maximum deflection at __________ is reduced.

A. Centre
B. Supports
C. At point of loading
D. Through out

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Question 8

The flow of thick oil through a small tube is an example for _________

A. Laminar flow
B. Turbulent flow
C. Rotational flow
D. Steady flow

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Question 9

The sheet of water flowing through a notch is called ________

A. Sill
B. Crest
C. Scour
D. Nappe

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Question 10

Torsteel is an example of _______

A. Elasticity
B. Plasticity
C. Malleability
D. Ductility

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Question 11

Water table should be at least __________ m below subgrade.

A. 1.5m
B. 3 m
C. 1.2 m
D. 2.5 m

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Question 12

What is the point of contraflexure in a fixed beam of span 5m?

A. 3m
B. 2.75 m
C. 3.75 m
D. 4 m

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Question 13

Which of the following is empirical formula coined by Francis?

A. 2.36 LH3/2
B. 1.84 LH3/2
C. 3.34 LH3/2
D. 1.96 LH3/2

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Question 14

1 litre = ____________ m3.

A. 104
B. 103
C. 10-Mar
D. 10-Apr

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