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Frames Stresses MCQ Questions & Answers

Frames Stresses MCQs : This section focuses on the "Frames Stresses". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Frames Stresses skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

_____ number is the ratio between inertia and viscous forces.

A. Lamina's
B. Parker's
C. Macadam's
D. Reynold's

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Question 2

_______ permits track circuiting.

A. Clips
B. Rails
C. Spikes
D. Sleepers

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Question 3

________ are made of high carbon steel to withstand heavy stresses.

A. Fish plates
B. Fish bolts
C. Spikes
D. Lugs

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Question 4

________ are transverse ties on which the rails are laid.

A. Lugs
B. Sleepers
C. Spikes
D. Clips

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Question 5

_________ is a structure made up of several members connected to each other.

A. Frame
B. Form work
C. Strut
D. Caisson

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Question 6

__________ coat develop resistant texture.

A. Prime coat
B. Seal coat
C. Tack coat
D. Open coat

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Question 7

___________ flow the liquid particles move along straight parallel paths.

A. Steady
B. Unsteady
C. Laminar
D. Turbulent

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Question 8

A frame which is composed of members just sufficient to keep it in equilibrium, such frame is ___________

A. Redundant frame
B. Perfect frame
C. Imperfect frame
D. Deficient frame

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Question 9

Aqueduct is an example of __________ channel.

A. Natural
B. Prismatic
C. Non prismatic
D. Artificial

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Question 10

Calculate the specific weight of oil. If the specific gravity is 0.95. Take specific weight of water is 1000 kg/m3.

A. 750 kg/m3
B. 850 kg/m3
C. 950 kg/m3
D. 1250 kg/m3

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Question 11

Expand RVF _________

A. Rapid Vary Fluid
B. Rise in Virtual Flow
C. Rapidly Varied flow
D. Rapidly Viscous flow

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Question 12

Flow in circular pipes will be turbulent is Reynolds number is _________

A. < 2800
B. > 2800
C. 2800
D. ~ 2800

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Question 13

For each sleeper _______ pandrol clips are used.

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

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Question 14

For super critical flow, Fr _________ 1.

A. >
B. <
C. =
D. ~

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Question 15

Froude number is the ratio of inertial force to the _________ force.

A. Shear
B. Gravity
C. Uplift
D. Viscous

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Question 16

In _______ liquid flows under atmospheric pressure.

A. Pipe flow
B. Open channel
C. Stream
D. Aqueduct

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Question 17

In the equation m = 2j-3 ; the letter j  stands for __________

A. Joists
B. Junctions
C. Joints
D. Jumble

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Question 18

Rectangular channel is _________ channel.

A. non Prismatic
B. Prismatic
C. Natural
D. Artificial

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Question 19

Sabotage problem is eliminated in _______

A. Round spike
B. Dog spike
C. Screw spike
D. Polar spike

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Question 20

Strut is a tension member.


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Question 21

The energy gradient line is _______ to drop in bed, in an open channel.

A. Equal
B. Parallel
C. Perpendicular
D. Unequal

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Question 22

The frictional resistance is ______ to the surface area of contact.

A. Inversely proportional
B. Directly proportional
C. Equal
D. Not equal

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Question 23

The Velocity at which flow changes from viscous to turbulent is called __________ velocity.

A. Critical
B. Frictional
C. Relative
D. Nominal

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Question 24

The Wheels of Rolling stock have slope ________

A. 1 in 10
B. 1 in 15
C. 1 in 20
D. 1 in 30

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Question 25

The wing wall resembling the letter U  in plan, is ___________

A. Return wing wall
B. Approach wing wall
C. Splayed wing wall
D. Straight wing wall

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Question 26

What is the splay provided in splayed wing walls?

A. 30°
B. 45°
C. 60°
D. 90°

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Question 27

Which of the following is the weakest part in the railway track?

A. Rail joint
B. Plates
C. Spikes
D. Lugs

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Question 28

Which of the following roads (pavements) does not develop any corrugations?

A. Bituminous
B. Concrete
C. Water bound macadam
D. Asphalt

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Question 29

_____ number is the ratio between inertia and viscous forces.

A. Lamina’s
B. Parker’s
C. Macadam’s
D. Reynold’s

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Question 30

The wing wall resembling the letter “U” in plan, is ___________

A. Return wing wall
B. Approach wing wall
C. Splayed wing wall
D. Straight wing wall

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