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Fuel System Components MCQ Questions & Answers

Fuel System Components MCQs : This section focuses on the "Fuel System Components". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Fuel System Components skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

Air cell chamber is the ___________

A. Space provide in the piston or cylinder
B. Part of radiator
C. Fuel controller
D. Ignition controller

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Question 2

Air ignition pumps are mostly used in ___________

A. Scooter
B. Tractor engines
C. Light engines
D. Heavy duty stationary engines

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Question 3

Down draft carburettor are mostly used ___________

A. Automobiles
B. Bullock cart
C. Mould board plough
D. U.P. No. 1

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Question 4

In carburettor of large tractor engines the type of jet used is ___________

A. Fixed type
B. Rolling type
C. Adjustable type
D. Sliding type

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Question 5

In diesel engine, the fuel is burnt ___________

A. Inside the cylinder
B. Inside combustion chamber
C. In fuel tank
D. Inside radiator

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Question 6

In engine, the choke controls ___________

A. Volume of fuel t
B. Heat of engine
C. Volume of air into venture
D. Speed of engine

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Question 7

In engines, the function of choke, is to ___________

A. Provide a rich air-fuel mixture
B. Heat the engine
C. Increase fuel in the cylinder
D. Remove the cylinder blockage

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Question 8

In IC engine, the throttle controls ___________

A. Quantity of charge
B. Engine speed
C. Fuel into cylinder
D. Engine load

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Question 9

In spark ignited engine the atomization of fuel takes place in ___________

A. Radiator
B. Carburettor
C. Ignition chamber
D. Cylinder

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Question 10

In spark ignited engines, the fuel tank is placed ___________

A. Above the level of carburettor
B. Below the cylinder
C. Below the level of carburettor
D. In the carburettor

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Question 11

The engine part in which carburation takes place is ___________

A. Radiator
B. Carburettor
C. Cylinder
D. Sediment bowling

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Question 12

The fuel pump used in carburettor engine is ___________

A. Gasoline pump
B. Gear pump
C. Fuel injection
D. Air injection

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Question 13

The function of carburettor is to ___________

A. Mix the land fuel
B. Supply the air into cylinder
C. Send the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder
D. Supply the fuel into cylinder

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Question 14

The function of sediment bowl in fuel supply system is ___________

A. To hold the dust and dirt of the fuel
B. To maintain a good pressure
C. To hold the air in the cylinder
D. To clear the air entering into combustion chamber

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Question 15

Turbo charger is a ___________

A. Turbo compressor
B. Fuel controller
C. Lock in fuel supply line
D. Timber cell used for ignition

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