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I.C. Engine Components MCQ Questions & Answers

I.C. Engine Components MCQs : This section focuses on the "I.C. Engine Components". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the I.C. Engine Components skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A four-stroke diesel engine operating at 1200 rpm uses 0.1 kg of fuel in 5 minutes and has the brake specific fuel consumption equals to 0.1910 kg\BHP\h. Calculate the torque developed.

A. 6.5 kg-m
B. 8 kg-m
C. 7.5 kg-m
D. 5 kg-m

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Question 2

Find the weight of air for complete combustion of 10 litres of petrol assuming air contains 22.7% oxygen.

A. 106.10 kg
B. 120kg
C. 113.67 kg
D. 115.79 kg

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Question 3

If L is the stroke and N is the rpm, mean piston speed of two stroke engine is _______

B. LN/2
C. 2LN
D. 2LN/3

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Question 4

In which of the following condition the engine is known as over-square engine?

A. d < L
B. d > L
C. d=0
D. L=0

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Question 5

Rapid explosion of air-fuel mixture within the cylinder, when ignited by a spark is known as _______

A. constant heat combustion
B. constant pressure combustion
C. constant volume combustion
D. cut off ratio

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Question 6

The mechanical efficiency of a single cylinder four-stroke engine is 80%. The frictional power is estimated to be 25. Calculate the indicated and brake power developed by the engine.

A. 106 kW;120 kW
B. 125 kW;100 kW
C. 120 kW;106 kW
D. 100 kW;125 kW

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Question 7

The pipe which connects the intake system to the inlet valve of the engine and through which air or air-fuel mixture is drawn into the cylinder is known as _______

A. Spark Plug
B. Connecting Rod
C. Camshaft
D. Inlet Manifold

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Question 8

Which is largest piston driven aircraft having 36 cylinders?

B. Lycoming R-7755
C. Saab 92
D. Pratt and Whitney R-4360

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Question 9

Which of the following is an indicator of the combustion speed of diesel fuel and compression needed for ignition?

A. Cetane Number
B. Octane Number
C. Calorific Value
D. Pre-Ignition

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Question 10

Who invented two-stroke engine in 1878?

A. Dugald Clark
B. Nikola Tesla
C. Carl Sagan
D. William Henry Bragg

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