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Ignition or Diesel Engine MCQ Questions & Answers

Ignition or Diesel Engine MCQs : This section focuses on the "Ignition or Diesel Engine". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Ignition or Diesel Engine skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A four-stroke diesel engine operating at 800 rpm uses 0.10 kg of fuel in 4 minutes while developing a torque of 70 Nm. Calculate brake specific fuel consumption

A. 0.262 kg/kwh
B. 0.256 kg/kwh
C. 0.242 kg/kwh
D. 0.236 kg/kwh

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Question 2

An IC engine consumes high speed diesel oil at the rate of 0.5 kg/h. Calculate the power of the engine.

A. 10 KW
B. 15.45 KW
C. 6.15 KW
D. 22.15 KW

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Question 3

Detonation refers to ____________

A. Engine knocking
B. Air locking
C. Poor ignition
D. Fuel properties

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Question 4

Diesel fuel are rated by ____________

A. Octane number
B. Cetane number
C. Calorific value
D. Engine efficiency

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Question 5

Find the weight of air for complete combustion of 10 l of petrol, assuming air contains 22.7%

A. 113.66 kg
B. 171 kg
C. 450.12 kg
D. 650 kg

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Question 6

In engine cylinder, the petrol is vaporised ____________

A. Quicker than HSD
B. Quicker than water
C. Slow than HSD
D. Slow than water

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Question 7

Octane number is associated to ____________

A. Fuel consumption
B. Ignition quality of fuel
C. Fuel supply system
D. Fuel delivery

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Question 8

Quality of the fuel is judged by its ____________

A. Calorific value
B. Power conversion
C. Loss to cool the engine
D. Consumption

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Question 9

Specific gravity of LDO is ____________

A. 0.1
B. 1.325
C. 0.92
D. 1.05

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Question 10

The common fuels for I.C. engines are _____________

A. Petrol and diesel
B. Petrol, power kerosene, light speed diesel and high-speed diesel
C. Kerosene and diesel
D. Petrol and kerosene

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Question 11

The formula of API degree is _______

A. \(\frac{141.5}{specific\, gravity \,of \,oil\, at\, 60„‰}\) - 13.15
B. Specific gravity of oil-13.5
C. \(\frac{141.5}{specific\, gravity \,of\, oil}\)+131.5
D. \(\frac{specifc gravity of oil+41.31}{141.5} \)

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Question 12

The knock characteristics of fuel is indicated by ____________

A. Cetane number
B. Octane number
C. Calorific value
D. Fuel consumption

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Question 13

Vapor lock is associated to the ____________

A. Cooling system of engine
B. Ignition system of engine
C. Fuel supply system of engine
D. Governor system of engine

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Question 14

Volatility of fuel affects the ____________

A. Engine speed
B. Efficiency
C. Consumption rate
D. Engine power

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