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Modified Characteristics MCQ Questions & Answers

Modified Characteristics MCQs : This section focuses on the "Modified Characteristics". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Modified Characteristics skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

Calculate the active power in a 19 F capacitor.

A. 7.8 W
B. 0 W
C. 5.4 W
D. 1.5 W

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Question 2

Calculate the active power in a 241 H inductor.

A. 21 W
B. 11 W
C. 0 W
D. .51 W

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Question 3

Calculate the active power in a 41 H inductor.

A. 2 W
B. 1 W
C. 0 W
D. .5 W

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Question 4

Calculate the active power in a 5 ? resistor with 5 A current flowing through it.

A. 125 W
B. 110 W
C. 115 W
D. 126 W

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Question 5

Calculate the phase angle of the sinusoidal waveform x(t)=20sin(9?t+?÷7).

A. ?÷9
B. ?÷5
C. ?÷7
D. ?÷4

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Question 6

Calculate the time period of the waveform y(t)=74cos(81?t+?).

A. .024 sec
B. .027 sec
C. .023 sec
D. .025 sec

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Question 7

Calculate the value of the frequency if the inductive reactance is 45 ? and the value of the inductor is 15 H.

A. 0.477 Hz
B. 0.544 Hz
C. 0.465 Hz
D. 0.412 Hz

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Question 8

R.M.S value of the trapezoidal waveform V=Vmsin(?t+?).

A. Vm÷2½
B. Vm÷2¼
C. Vm÷2¾
D. Vm÷3½

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Question 9

The generated e.m.f from 42-pole armature having 74 turns driven at 64 rev/sec having flux per pole as 21 mWb, with wave winding is ___________

A. 4177.171 V
B. 4177.152 V
C. 4100.189 V
D. 4190.454 V

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Question 10

The slope of the V-I curve is 19°. Calculate the value of resistance. Assume the relationship between voltage and current is a straight line.

A. .3254 ?
B. .3608 ?
C. .3543 ?
D. .3443 ?

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Question 11

What is the unit of the admittance?

A. ohm
B. ohm-1
C. ohm2
D. ohm.5

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