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Mower Cutter Bar MCQ Questions & Answers

Mower Cutter Bar MCQs : This section focuses on the "Mower Cutter Bar". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Mower Cutter Bar skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A 2m mower is operating at 3.5 km/h with an overall efficiency of 75%. Calculate the area covered by it in ha/h.

A. 0.525
B. 0.625
C. 0.725
D. 0.825

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Question 2

A disc type mower is operated by PTO with 6 discs with a shaft of 0.4 m/disc. The specific energy required for cutting is 2.1 KJ/m2 and specific power losses due to air come stubble and gear train friction is 2 kw/m of cutting width. If the mower with tractor requires a propelling force of 2 KN the total power requirement for carrying out moving in Kw at forward speed of 3 km/h is ____

A. 10.67
B. 20.67
C. 30.67
D. 40.67

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Question 3

A gang mower is the group of ___________

A. 2 or more cylindrical mowers
B. 5 mowers
C. 2 mowers
D. 10 mowers

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Question 4

A mower has driven wheel of 60 cm diameter. The crank of mower makes 550 rpm, when it is driven by a tractor at a speed of 2 km/h. If speed ratio between the crank wheel and land wheel is changed to 27:1, calculate the increase in speed of mower to maintain the same speed of crank.

A. 0.20 km/h
B. 0.304 km/h
C. 1.402 km/h
D. 1.36 km/h

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Question 5

Calculate the total time required to harvest 4 hectares of grass by means of a 2mm mower being operated at the speed of 4 km/h. Assume field efficiency of mower as 75%?

A. 4.67 hr
B. 5.67 hr
C. 6.67 hr
D. 7.67 hr

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Question 6

How many hectares of grass per day of 15 hours can be cut by a mower being operated at the speed of 4.5 km/h and with 4 m cutter bar.

A. 20
B. 22
C. 27
D. 16

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Question 7

How many revolutions will each spindle of cotton picker make in the picking zone for a chain belt arrangement in which the speed of spindle is 1400 rpm and remains in the picking zone during 100 cm of forward travel.

A. 50
B. 21
C. 45
D. 11

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Question 8

In cutter bar of mower, the knife head is attached to the ___________

A. Knife back
B. Cutter end
C. Starting point of cutting edge
D. Reciprocating fingers

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Question 9

In cutter bar of mower, the knife sections are revitted to the ___________

A. Knife back
B. Reciprocating fingers
C. Stationary bar
D. Cylindrical drum

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Question 10

In flail mower, the cutting section contains ___________

A. Cutter bar
B. Swinging knives
C. Fixed knives
D. Reciprocating fingers only

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Question 11

In mower, the grass board is provided at the ___________

A. Cutter end
B. Knife end
C. Knife back
D. Reciprocating fingers

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Question 12

In mower, the pitman transmits the motion to the ___________

A. Knife head
B. Knife middle
C. Knife back
D. Knife end

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Question 13

The most common mower, amongst the following is ___________

A. Reciprocating mower
B. Lawn mower
C. Cylindrical mower
D. Horizontal mower

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Question 14

What horsepower will be required to pull 1.2 m mower working at the speed of 5 km/m length of the mower ad mechanical efficiency is 85%?

A. 1.56
B. 2.56
C. 3.56
D. 4.56

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Question 15

Who invented the first lawn mower?

A. Albert Einstein
B. Buzz Aldrin
C. Edwin Budding
D. Yuri Gagarin

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