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Power Transmission MCQ Questions & Answers

Power Transmission MCQs : This section focuses on the "Power Transmission". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Power Transmission skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A counter shaft of engineering workshop is being driven by electric motor with the help of canvas belt and pulley arrangement such that the speed of belt is 600 m/min and it transmits 50 KW. What will be the difference between tensions on either side of the belt?

A. 10000
B. 100
C. 5000
D. 50

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Question 2

A leather belt 100 mm wide and 10 mm thick with a safe permissible stress of 1.5 MPa is used for transmitting a maximum power of 15 KW. If the density of belt material is 1 g/cm3, the velocity of belt for maximum power transmission will be ________

A. 22.36 m/s
B. 34.13 m/s
C. 24.98 m/s
D. 12.12 m/s

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Question 3

A V-belt operates at 23.56 m/s peripheral speed. The mass of the belt per unit length is 0.9 kg/m. The value of centrifugal tension is _______

A. 514 N
B. 523 N
C. 500 N
D. 599 N

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Question 4

Determine the length of cross-belt of connecting two pulleys 4 m apart. The diameters of driving and driven pulleys are 1.25 m and 0.75 m respectively.

A. 12.36 m
B. 11.35 m
C. 14.28 m
D. 13.27 m

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Question 5

If a driven pulley is made to rotate at 350 rpm by a driving pulley of 0.3 m diameter, running at 1400 rpm, what will be the length of open belt drive when the pulleys are 2 m apart?

A. 7.14 m
B. 6.45 m
C. 8.88 m
D. 10 m

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Question 6

In a belt drive the mass of the belt is 1 kg/m and its speed is 6m/s. The drive transmits 9.6 KW of power. Determine the strength of the belt when the coefficient of friction is 0.25 and wrap angle is 220°.

A. 2629.78 N
B. 2404.73 N
C. 2003.09 N
D. 1829.78 N

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Question 7

In which rivet joint the plates are kept in the same plane?

A. Lap joint
B. Wood screws
C. Butt joints
D. Cap screws

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Question 8

Two pulleys are connected by a belt. The sum of the diameter of two pulleys is 90 cm and while one makes 50 rpm, the other makes 20 rpm. What will be the diameters of the other pulley?

A. 14.1234 cm, 21.9876 cm
B. 34.357 cm, 24.0473 cm
C. 18.426 cm, 15.921 cm
D. 64.2857 cm, 25.7142 cm

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Question 9

Two pulleys are connected by a belt. The sum of the diameter of two pulleys is 90 cm and while the one makes 50 rpm, the other makes 20 revolutions. What will be the diameter of the pulleys?

A. 19.7cm, 70.3 cm
B. 23.4 cm, 68.7 cm
C. 25.7 cm, 64.3 cm
D. 21.1 cm,63.2 cm

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Question 10

Two pulleys are connected by a belt. The sum of the diameters of the pulleys is 92.6 cm and while one makes 50 rev/min the other make 200 rev/min. What will be the diameter of the pulleys?

A. 18.53 cm, 74.07 cm
B. 19.65 cm, 64.89 cm
C. 20.01 cm, 78.09 cm
D. 17.69 cm, 69.90 cm

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Question 11

What is the length of cross belt to connect two pulleys 4 m apart. the diameter of driving and driven pulley is 1.25 m and 0.75m respectively?

A. 12.39m
B. 11.39m
C. 13.39m
D. 10.39m

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Question 12

What is the train value (G) in compound gear train?

A. G = \(\frac{N6}{N1} = \frac{T1*T2*T3}{T2*T4*T6} \)
B. G = N6 * N1 = T1+T2+T3+T4+T6
C. G = N6 - N1 = T1 * T2 * T3 * T4 * T6
D. G = \(\frac{N1}{N6} = \frac{T2*T4*T6}{T1*T2*T3} \)

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Question 13

What is the width of belt to transmit 15 HP to a pulley 35 cm in diameter. Pulley makes 1600 rev/min, coefficient of friction between belt is 0.22 and angle of contact is 20°. Maximum tension in belt not to exceed 8 kg per cm width.

A. 7.79cm
B. 9.79cm
C. 3.49cm
D. 8.79cm

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Question 14

What power is transmitted by belt and pulley arrangement, if tension on tight side of belt is 60 kg and tension on slack side is 25kg. The diameter and speed of driving pulley is 0.95 m and 250 rpm respectively.

A. 5.239 KW
B. 9.624 KW
C. 2.264 KW
D. 4.269 KW

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Question 15

Which of the following is not a type of chain?

A. Roller
B. Hook link
C. Pintle
D. Bevel

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Question 16

Which of the following is not a type of screw?

A. Machine
B. Hexagonal
C. Square
D. Plough

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Question 17

While testing a wheat thresher at recommended throughout, 80 Nm torque is recorded at 750 rpm at the main shaft of the threshing cylinder, which is operated by a 200-mm diameter V pulley. The overload factor and unit mass of V-belt are 1.2 and 0.9 kg/m respectively. At condition of maximum power transfer the maximum tension in V-belt in N is ________

A. 166.55 N
B. 233.78 N
C. 120.06 N
D. 211.23 N

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