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Rhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae and Astroviridae MCQ Questions & Answers

Rhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae and Astroviridae MCQs : This section focuses on the "Rhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae and Astroviridae". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Rhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae and Astroviridae skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

Which of the following viral infections is associated with the development of hydrophobia?

A. Rabies
B. Influenza
C. Polio
D. Hepatitis

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Question 2

Which of the following viruses is star-shaped in outline and transmitted by the faecal-oral route?

A. Astrovirus
B. Calicivirus
C. Hepatitis E virus
D. Hepatitis D virus

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Question 3

What is the shape of rabies virus?

A. Spherical
B. Polygonal
C. Bullet-shaped
D. Tubular

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Question 4

The species of animals which is most susceptible to rabies infection is

A. dog
B. cat
C. fowl
D. cow

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Question 5

Which of the following clinical specimens can be used for the demonstration of rabies antigen by direct immunofluorescence antemortem?

A. Salivary smears
B. Corneal smears
C. Conjunctival smears
D. All of the above

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Question 6

The mode of transmission of hepatitis E is through

A. infected syringes and needles
B. faecally contaminated drinking water
C. sexual intercourse
D. None of these

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Question 7

Which of the following viral agents can cause diarrhea?

A. Rotaviruses
B. Norwalk virus
C. Astroviruses
D. All of the above

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Question 8

The virus(es) which has club-shaped peplomers and infects the respiratory tract is/are

A. Coronavirus
B. Astroviruses
C. Norwalk agent
D. All of the above

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Question 9

Rhabdoviridae is a family of negative-strand RNA viruses in the order Mononegavirales.

A. True
B. False

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Question 10

The Caliciviridae are a family of "small round structured" viruses, members of Class IV of the Baltimore scheme.

A. True
B. False

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