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Seed Metering Mechanism MCQ Questions & Answers

Seed Metering Mechanism MCQs : This section focuses on the "Seed Metering Mechanism". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Seed Metering Mechanism skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A fluted feed seed drill has eight furrow openers of single disc type. The furrow openers are spaced 25 cm apart and the main drive wheel has a diameter of 120 cm. How many turns of main drive wheel would occur when the seed drill has covered one hectare of area?

A. 1333.3
B. 1666.6
C. 1999.9
D. 1234.5

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Question 2

Calculate the cost of seeding one hectare of land with bullock-drawn seed drill of 5*22 cm size. The speed of bullocks is 3km/hr. Hire charges of bullocks ⬠100/- per pair, hire charges of seed drill is ⬠50/- per day and wage of operator ⬠100/- per day of 8 hours.

A. ⬠84.88
B. ⬠94.68
C. ⬠110.90
D. ⬠34.29

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Question 3

Calculate the seed rate/hectare of a 7*17 cm seed drill, whose main drive wheel is 124 cm diameter and total weight of grain collected in 20 revolutions in 0.423 kg.

A. 45.58 kg
B. 54.34 kg
C. 90 kg
D. 23.78 kg

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Question 4

Calculate the time required for sowing 1.6 hectares of land by five furrows seed drill going 12.5 cm deep. The speed of seed drill is 3.2 km/hr and pressure exerted by the soil on the seed drill is 0.42 kg/cm2. The space between furrow openers is 10 cm and loss in turning is 10%.

A. 21.07 hrs
B. 9.87 hrs
C. 2.34 hrs
D. 11.11 hrs

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Question 5

In which process of seeding, the seeds are placed in the holes made in seed bed and covering them?

A. Broadcasting
B. Transplanting
C. Dibbling
D. Drilling

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Question 6

In which seed metering mechanism, the feed wheel is provided with fine and coarse ribbed flanges?

A. Internal double run type
B. Fluted feed type
C. Cell feed mechanism
D. Brush feed mechanism

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Question 7

Maximum yield of maize is obtained with a population of 40000 plants per hectare. The rows are 140cm apart and an average emergence of 85% is expected. How many seeds per hill should be planted if hills are 140cm apart?

A. 9
B. 2
C. 10
D. 11

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Question 8

Which of the following is not a type of Drilling?

A. Sowing behind the plough
B. Bullock drawn seed drills
C. Tractor drawn seed drills
D. Check row planting

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Question 9

Which seed metering mechanism consists of cups of spoon on the periphery of a vertical rotating disc?

A. Cup feed mechanism
B. Cell feed mechanism
C. Brush feed mechanism
D. Picker wheel mechanism

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Question 10

Which seeding method uses Malobansa?

A. Transplanting
B. Seed dropping behind the plough
C. Check row planting
D. Hill dropping

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