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Selecting Words MCQ Questions & Answers

Selecting Words MCQs : This section focuses on the "Selecting Words". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Selecting Words skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

Fate smiles ...... those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

A. with
B. over
C. on
D. round

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Question 2

The miser gazed ...... at the pile of gold coins in front of him.

A. avidly
B. admiringly
C. thoughtfully
D. earnestly

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Question 3

Catching the earlier train will give us the ...... to do some shopping.

A. chance
B. luck
C. possibility
D. occasion

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Question 4

I saw a ...... of cows in the field.

A. group
B. herd
C. swarm
D. flock

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Question 5

The grapes are now ...... enough to be picked.

A. ready
B. mature
C. ripe
D. advanced

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Question 6

Success in this examination depends ...... hard work alone.

A. at
B. over
C. for
D. on

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Question 7

My uncle decided to take ...... and my sister to the market.

A. I
B. mine
C. me
D. myself

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Question 8

If you smuggle goods into the country, they may be ...... by the customs authority.

A. possessed
B. punished
C. confiscated
D. fined

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Question 9

Man does not live by ...... alone.

A. food
B. bread
C. meals
D. diet

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Question 10

Piyush behaves strangely at times and, therefore, nobody gets ...... with him.

A. about
B. through
C. along
D. up

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Question 11

Rohan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look ......

A. unique
B. different
C. likely
D. alike

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Question 12

To err is ...... to forgive divine.

A. beastly
B. human
C. inhuman
D. natural

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Question 13

The ruling party will have to put its own house ...... order.

A. in
B. on
C. to
D. into

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Question 14

...... of old paintings is a job for experts.

A. Resurrection
B. Retrieval
C. Restoration
D. Resumption

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Question 15

During Diwali the shops are ...... of people.

A. busy
B. full
C. crowded
D. bubbling

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Question 16

The paths of glory lead ...... to the grave.

A. straight
B. but
C. in
D. directly

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Question 17

The telephone ...... several times before I answered it.

A. was ringing
B. has rung
C. had rung
D. would ring

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Question 18

He passed the examination in the first class because he ......

A. was hard working for it
B. worked hardly for it
C. had worked hard for it
D. was working hard for it

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Question 19

Jawaharlal spent his childhood ...... Anand Bhawan.

A. at
B. in
C. on
D. across

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Question 20

If negotiations are to prove fruitful, there must not only be sincerity on each side, but there must also be ...... in the sincerity of the other side.

A. faith
B. belief
C. substance
D. certainty

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Question 21

I hate sitting ...... him as he always smells of garlic.

A. besides
B. along
C. at
D. beside

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Question 22

Some regions of our country still remain ...... to the average man.

A. inaccessible
B. impossible
C. impermeable
D. impenetrable

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Question 23

It ...... that Prashant will not be selected for the post

A. feels
B. looks
C. believes
D. seems

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Question 24

In Bush, Saddam was up ...... more than his match.

A. for
B. into
C. against
D. to

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Question 25

I haven't seen you ...... a week.

A. within
B. since
C. for
D. from

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Question 26

I listened, but I had no idea what he was ...... about.

A. saying
B. talking
C. telling
D. discussing

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Question 27

The car in which the minister was traveling ...... with an accident.

A. hit
B. drove
C. crashed
D. met

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Question 28

The non cooperative attitude of the members can only ...... the image of the society.

A. spoil
B. improve
C. degrade
D. defame

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Question 29

Sonika is quite intelligent but rather ......

A. idealistic
B. generous
C. lazy
D. optimistic

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Question 30

In a little-publicised deal, Pepsi, Cola has ...... the entire soft drink market in Afghanistan.

A. occupied
B. conquered
C. swallowed
D. captured

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Question 31

He ...... in wearing the old fashioned coat in spite of his wife's disapproval.

A. insists
B. persists
C. desists
D. resists

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Question 32

She ...... a brief appearance at the end of party.

A. put on
B. put in
C. put across
D. put up

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Question 33

Life is to death as pleasure is to ......

A. poverty
B. suffering
C. anguish
D. pain

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Question 34

This, partly, explains how the Mehta family has been able to ...... its lavish lifestyle in recent times, despite the fact that all its assets have been ......

A. keep, removed
B. afford, attached
C. develop, liquidated
D. keep up, destroyed

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Question 35

The machine is difficult to build ...... easy to maintain.

A. but
B. and
C. for
D. if

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Question 36

If you work beyond your capacity, you will naturally feel ......

A. drowsy
B. tired
C. confident
D. giddy

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Question 37

If you persists in telling lies to me I shall sue you ...... slander.

A. to
B. on
C. for
D. with

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Question 38

His father-in-law ...... him up in business.

A. put
B. made
C. set
D. built

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Question 39

...... works of reference are valuable as Encyclopedia, Brittanica.

A. A few
B. Few
C. The few
D. Fewer

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Question 40

This book is quite similar ......

A. with the "Treasure Island"
B. of that film we saw at school
C. to the one I read last week
D. than a story told by our teacher

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Question 41

If our friends are not able to take us in their car, we must make ...... arrangements to go to the airport.

A. alternative
B. another
C. alternate
D. possible

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Question 42

A crescendo of metallic thuds arose from the market, where the iron-smiths were ...... the pieces of metals.

A. flattening
B. striking
C. hammering
D. thrashing

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Question 43

I haven't eaten an apple ...... a long while.

A. from
B. since
C. for
D. until

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Question 44

The parliament invested the new organisation ...... judicial authority.

A. by
B. with
C. from
D. through

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Question 45

Owing to the power cut in the area, factories are being forced to ...... men

A. throw away
B. send off
C. put off
D. lay off

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Question 46

Man must ...... to stop pollution.

A. act
B. perform
C. operate
D. behave

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Question 47

He was sent to the prison for his ......

A. sin
B. vice
C. crime
D. guilt

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Question 48

The answer was written ...... blue ink.

A. with
B. by
C. in
D. on

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Question 49

Many ...... decisions were taken at the meeting.

A. hectic
B. historic
C. historical
D. histrionic

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Question 50

Those who persist in the endeavor at long last triumph ...... the odds of life.

A. over
B. on
C. upon
D. about

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Question 51

In the modern materialistic society, the only aim of people appears to be ...... money by fair means or foul.

A. print
B. produce
C. acquire
D. extort

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Question 52

What is the ...... for an air letter?

A. fare
B. value
C. postage
D. stamp

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Question 53

He became enamored ...... her grace when he first saw her dance.

A. with
B. of
C. by
D. in

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Question 54

Rama was so badly injured that he needed ...... care in the hospital.

A. extensive
B. little
C. deep
D. intensive

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Question 55

You cannot devise a method which ...... all possibility of errors.

A. excludes
B. includes
C. avoids
D. ignores

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Question 56

Many areas of the city were ...... into darkness for several hours.

A. spread
B. plunged
C. merged
D. deep

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Question 57

Find the ...... that accompany these cartoons.

A. topics
B. titles
C. captions
D. headings

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Question 58

I don't really know how to ...... the problem.

A. tackle
B. cope
C. draw
D. erase

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Question 59

The English schemed to continue their rule in India by playing off one community ...... the other.

A. before
B. upon
C. against
D. with

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Question 60

The passengers were afraid, but the captain ...... them that there was no danger.

A. promised
B. assured
C. advised
D. counselled

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Question 61

The family gave father a gold watch on the ...... of his fiftieth birthday.

A. time
B. event
C. occasion
D. celebration

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Question 62

The park ...... as far as the river.

A. extends
B. advances
C. enlarges
D. emerges

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Question 63

Many of the advances of civilisation have been conceived by young people just on the ...... of adulthood

A. boundary
B. threshold
C. peak
D. horizon

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Question 64

Arti pulled a long ...... when she was told that she could not go to Agra.

A. mouth
B. skirt
C. face
D. hand

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Question 65

Brothers must live in harmony. They must never fall ......

A. off
B. out
C. apart
D. away

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Question 66

I was astounded at his ...... lack of knowledge about the Continent of Africa.

A. abundant
B. colossal
C. huge
D. great

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Question 67

Ayesha always ...... the permission of her father before going for movies.

A. seeking
B. seeks
C. sought
D. seeker

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Question 68

He felt no ...... as he plunged the knife into her back.

A. qualms
B. scruple
C. conscience
D. morals

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Question 69

You haven't had your lunch yet, ...... you?

A. are
B. aren't
C. have
D. haven't

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Question 70

The manner in which bombs exploded in five trains with in a short span of time suggests that it is a part of a ......

A. game
B. conspiracy
C. villainy
D. sabotage

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Question 71

Wheat ...... carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and dietary fibre in our daily diet.

A. has
B. gives
C. yields
D. provides

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Question 72

The waiter hasn't brought the coffee ...... I've been here an hour already.

A. till
B. up
C. yet
D. still

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Question 73

In our zeal for progress we should not ...... executive with more power.

A. avoid
B. give
C. enhance
D. arm

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Question 74

You've only three months to complete the course, Don't give ...... now.

A. out
B. away
C. up
D. off

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Question 75

The traveler slept under the ...... shade of banyan tree.

A. cold
B. cool
C. cooling
D. dark

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Question 76

She has an aversion ...... taking even onion and garlic.

A. with
B. at
C. against
D. to

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Question 77

The river overflowed its ...... and flooded the area.

A. edges
B. fronts
C. limits
D. banks

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Question 78

...... The arrival of the police, nobody went near the victim.

A. Unless
B. Although
C. Even
D. Till

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Question 79

When I was a child, I ......to school everyday instead going by cycle.

A. had walked
B. walked
C. have walked
D. have been walking

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Question 80

Farida sings very well and ...... does salim.

A. even
B. too
C. also
D. so

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Question 81

The old Nature versus ...... debate regarding crime continues even today.

A. Man
B. Universe
C. Culture
D. Nurture

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Question 82

The Sun ...... at six this morning.

A. raised
B. rose
C. arose
D. aroused

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Question 83

That rule is applicable ...... every one.

A. to
B. for
C. about
D. with

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Question 84

Her parents will never give their ...... to so much an unsuitable match.

A. acquiescence
B. consent
C. agreement
D. willingness

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Question 85

He tried to ...... himself against a horde of ruffians.

A. collect
B. save
C. support
D. defend

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Question 86

According to corporate circles data is pushing through the merger to create financially ...... company in the processed foods business, the group's thrust area for the 1990's

A. acceptable
B. powerful
C. leading
D. straight

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Question 87

Indeed, all over the world, more and more people are ...... coffee.

A. wanting
B. drinking
C. liking
D. partaking

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Question 88

Like any other country India has its ...... share of superstitions.

A. proper
B. abundant
C. fair
D. peculiar

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Question 89

The new education policy provides a useful ...... for the planners to remove illiteracy.

A. breakup
B. breakthrough
C. breakaway
D. break-in

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Question 90

People who ...... on horses usually lose in the end.

A. gamble
B. play
C. risk
D. place

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Question 91

About twenty clerks were made ...... when the banks introduced computers.

A. dispensable
B. redundant
C. expandable
D. obsolete

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Question 92

After the rain the weather ...... and the sun came out.

A. cleared out
B. cleared up
C. cleared away
D. cleared off

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Question 93

The building comprises ...... sixty rooms.

A. of
B. onto
C. by
D. no preposition needed

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Question 94

Namrata was found to ...... the required qualifications for the job.

A. contain
B. disclose
C. posses
D. acquire

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Question 95

Government buildings are ...... on the Republic day.

A. enlightened
B. lightened
C. illuminated
D. glowed

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Question 96

we had ...... wonderful time at the party last night.

A. such a
B. so
C. such
D. very

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Question 97

An employment advertisement should ...... the number of vacancies.

A. provide
B. specify
C. contain
D. declare

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Question 98

When varun left the cocktail party he was as ...... as a judge.

A. sober
B. drunk
C. brave
D. wise

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Question 99

The criminal seems to have acted in ...... the three others.

A. collusion
B. coalition
C. collision
D. cohesion

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Question 100

Soft minded individuals are ...... to embrace all kinds superstitions.

A. disposed
B. eager
C. reluctant
D. prone

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Question 101

The stenographer is very efficient. He is ...... to his firm.

A. a boon
B. a credit
C. blessing a
D. an asset

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Question 102

However, the group's long-term strategy is to ...... on core sector business connected with infrastructure and energy.

A. breed
B. develop
C. concentrate
D. depend

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Question 103

The man came in a van to ...... the television set.

A. mend
B. reform
C. correct
D. alter

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Question 104

Nobody can ...... me to do anything which I do not want to do.

A. encourage
B. request
C. oppose
D. compel

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Question 105

The stenographer is very efficient. He is ...... to his firm.

A. a boon
B. a credit
C. a blessing
D. an asset

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Question 106

A sanguine outlook is associated with the ......

A. rationalist
B. socialist
C. philanthropist
D. optimist

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Question 107

His conduct is bad, and his honesty is not ...... suspicion.

A. above
B. beyond
C. under
D. in

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Question 108

It is 14 years since i ...... him.

A. have seen
B. had seen
C. saw
D. see

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Question 109

It being an ...... issue, it is not correct to introduce questions of morality in to the debate.

A. moral
B. immoral
C. amoral
D. irrelevant

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Question 110

Natwarlal ...... them all for a ride by producing false documents.

A. took
B. cheated
C. kept
D. let

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Question 111

True brevity ...... in saying only what needs to be said.

A. consists
B. depicts
C. portrays
D. resides

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Question 112

Health is too important to be ......

A. discarded
B. despised
C. detested
D. neglected

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Question 113

In hot weather I like lying in the ...... of a tree.

A. shade
B. shelter
C. protection
D. shadow

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Question 114

It was indeed unreasonable ...... him to leave this job and start business.

A. in
B. with
C. upon
D. of

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Question 115

One major ...... between the Election Commission and the Union Government related to the powers of the former in respect of the deployment of central police forces at places where are elections is held.

A. irritant
B. conflict
C. pain
D. culprit

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Question 116

We shall not to be able to use your ability in court unless we can find someone to ...... to statements.

A. corroborate
B. avouch
C. verify
D. approve

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Question 117

He is too dull ...... this problem.

A. solving
B. to solving
C. to solve
D. solves

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Question 118

He is the person who is ...... to blame.

A. mostly
B. sure
C. most
D. bound

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Question 119

We had to pay more taxi fare because the driver brought us by a ...... route.

A. circular
B. circumscribed
C. longest
D. circuitous

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Question 120

He was accused ...... stealing his aunt's necklace.

A. for
B. with
C. of
D. on

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Question 121

He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his ...... vanity that you should disagree with him.

A. overstrung
B. overweening
C. overwhelming
D. overwrought

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Question 122

It's very kind of you to ...... to speak at the meeting.

A. accept
B. agree
C. comply
D. concur

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Question 123

Pakistan lost a ...... wicket just when they seemed to be doing so well, and that led to their eventual defeat.

A. critical
B. crucial
C. sensitive
D. providential

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Question 124

Sita's heart ...... at the sight of the beautiful diamond necklace.

A. leapt
B. stopped
C. slowed
D. ran

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Question 125

He lives near a lovely ...... of countryside.

A. length
B. piece
C. section
D. stretch

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Question 126

Ambition is one of those ......which are never satisfied.

A. ideas
B. fancies
C. passions
D. feeds

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Question 127

He is a person of sound character and ...... disposition.

A. beneficent
B. morous
C. amiable
D. amicable

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Question 128

If I take a state roadways bus, I'll get late, ...... ?

A. isn't it
B. won't I
C. will I
D. is it

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Question 129

In high school many of us never realised the importance that grammar would ...... in later life.

A. figure
B. portray
C. play
D. exercise

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Question 130

In a changing and ...... unstructured business environment, creativity and innovation are being ...... demanded of executives.

A. highly, extremely
B. progressively, increasingly
C. increasingly, moderately
D. excessively, rapidly

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Question 131

On account of the dearth of grass on the arid plains the cattle became ......

A. flippant
B. jubilant
C. agitated
D. emaciated

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Question 132

A woman came in with a baby who, she said, ...... a safety pin.

A. was just swallowing
B. swallowed
C. had just swallowed
D. just swallowed

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Question 133

The Hubble Space Telescope will search for planets around the stars, a key to the ...... extraterrestrial life, and examine interstellar dust and gases out of which stars are born.

A. perception
B. discovery
C. enquiry
D. quest

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Question 134

She ...... Rs 80 out of the bank every Friday.

A. obtains
B. draws
C. pulls
D. extracts

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Question 135

The American ...... presented his credentials to the President of India.

A. adviser
B. ambassador
C. delegate
D. representative

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Question 136

Once he has signed the agreement, he won't be able to ......

A. back up
B. back in
C. back at
D. back out

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Question 137

It was difficult to remove my feet as it had got stuck ...... in the mud.

A. fairly
B. greatly
C. widely
D. firmly

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Question 138

He is a very careful person, he never takes side but remains ......

A. impartial
B. unbiased
C. neutral
D. prejudiced

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Question 139

West Bengal ...... plentiful rainfall and is consequently a very green part of the country.

A. misses
B. receives
C. expects
D. regrets

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Question 140

this brand of TV is quite inferior ...... that one.

A. than
B. to
C. with
D. over

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Question 141

It is not what you say that ...... but what you do

A. matches
B. implies
C. matters
D. moves

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Question 142

Jawaharlal spent his childhood ________ Anand Bhawan.

A. at
B. in
C. on
D. across

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Question 143

Find the ...... that accompany these cartoons

A. topics
B. titles
C. captions
D. headings

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Question 144

Please' and 'Thank you' are the little courtesies by which we keep the ...... of life oiled and running smoothly.

A. path
B. machine
C. garden
D. river

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Question 145

I put ...... the light and slept.

A. up
B. down
C. in
D. out

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Question 146

...... all intents and purposes, the manager is the master of the firm.

A. in
B. upon
C. with
D. to

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Question 147

The pilot had been warned about the storm, before he ......

A. took away
B. took up
C. took over
D. took off

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Question 148

Hardly had he arrived ...... it started raining.

A. before
B. when
C. than
D. after

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Question 149

I ...... a car to be absolutely necessary these days.

A. consider
B. regard
C. think
D. agree

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Question 150

Besides other provisions, that shopkeeper deals ...... cosmetics.

A. with
B. in
C. at
D. for

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Question 151

Leave a two inch ...... on each page for the teacher's remarks.

A. border
B. margin
C. blank
D. gap

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Question 152

The team was well trained and strong, but somehow their ...... was low.

A. feeling
B. moral
C. consciousness
D. morale

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Question 153

The lovers were meeting each other secretly, but their ...... affair was soon known to everyone.

A. clandestine
B. covert
C. unknown
D. candid

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Question 154

The king ...... the rebel.

A. excused
B. forgave
C. pardoned
D. none of these

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Question 155

I shall call ...... you tomorrow.

A. at
B. on
C. with
D. by

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Question 156

She ...... from the crowd because of her height and flaming red hair.

A. stood out
B. stood off
C. stood up
D. stood by

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Question 157

In a large cities people are cut ...... from nature.

A. away
B. off
C. out
D. down

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Question 158

The more your action and thought are allied and ...... the happier you grow.

A. diverget
B. unravelled
C. integrated
D. invincible

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Question 159

We had a ...... of warm weather in February.

A. time
B. spell
C. length
D. phase

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Question 160

Physically we are now all neighbors, but psychologically. we are ...... to each other.

A. primitives
B. complimentary
C. strangers
D. cowards

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Question 161

When their examinations are over, the children gleefully ...... the books they had been reading.

A. shelve
B. sidetrack
C. overthrew
D. abandon

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Question 162

Chintu is ...... small to start playing cricket now.

A. very
B. much
C. too
D. more

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Question 163

The thief ...... all the money.

A. made up
B. made off with
C. mode do with
D. made good

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Question 164

The luggage was ...... heavy for him to lift

A. much
B. as
C. so
D. too

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Question 165

Walking at 3'o clock, I heard the ...... of thunder.

A. crackle
B. rumble
C. ripple
D. clank

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Question 166

A stone that goes on rolling ...... no moss.

A. collects
B. gets
C. gathers
D. accumulates

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Question 167

The earth is at present in great danger of becoming uninhabitable because of ...... environmental pollution which is going on at an incredible rapid pace.

A. gigantic
B. inhuman
C. stupendous
D. colossal

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Question 168

Moreover, a fact finding mission ...... by BSN to India in January this year strongly recommended that the French group should go it alone, and not hand over ...... to an Indian Partner.

A. organised, papers
B. constituted, authority
C. sponsored, power
D. dispatched, control

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Question 169

There is a keen ...... in each trade.

A. contest
B. comparison
C. competition
D. cooperation

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Question 170

Now, the management graduate can expect to have a prosperous life on a ...... income without having to depend on finding a place in family busiess having to tend the paternal estates.

A. professional
B. regular
C. meaningful
D. dependable

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Question 171

The boy fell ...... bicycle.

A. of
B. off
C. from
D. under

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Question 172

The French ...... reputed to have a very good sense of humour.

A. is
B. was
C. are
D. will be

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Question 173

Johny, where are you? ...... up this tree.

A. There I am
B. There am I
C. Here am I
D. Here I am

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Question 174

That the poor in our country, are happy is

A. a dream
B. a vision
C. an ideal
D. an illusion

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Question 175

The robbers were arrested and ...... prison yesterday.

A. brought into
B. brought to
C. taken into
D. taken to

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Question 176

The cinema ...... a welcome escape from cramped and dull city life and the Indians are avid movie-goers.

A. depicts
B. highlights
C. follows
D. offers

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Question 177

I shall take revenge ...... you.

A. from
B. with
C. on
D. at

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Question 178

This book is a useful ...... to our library.

A. discovery
B. asset
C. addition
D. arrival

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Question 179

The boy was cured ...... typhoid.

A. from
B. of
C. for
D. through

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Question 180

The communalist represents the ...... of everything noble that we have inherited from our culture and history.

A. antithesis
B. antidote
C. immorality
D. antagonism

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Question 181

He is so ...... to light that he never leaves the house without sunglasses.

A. insensitive
B. sensitive
C. afraid
D. immune

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Question 182

The ...... of the Minister's statement cannot be verified by people who have no access to official records.

A. veracity
B. verbosity
C. ambiguity
D. validity

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Question 183

But the introductory fee does not stop after the initial handshake, brokers have to ...... it up after each transaction.

A. bring
B. cough
C. boost
D. give

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Question 184

Colgate has also set an ambitious aim of ......on 8% value shared of tooth paste market by then end of first years.

A. cornering
B. soliciting
C. disturbing
D. keeping

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Question 185

...... a failure of some traffic lights, traffic is moving very slowly.

A. Owing
B. Due to
C. Because
D. Since

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Question 186

The battalion operating from the mountain was able to ...... three enemy divisons.

A. tie up
B. tie down
C. tie on
D. tie with

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Question 187

I purposely ...... meet you during my last visit to Kashmir.

A. didn't
B. won't
C. hadn't
D. wouldn't

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Question 188

I have read one novel by Premchand. I want to read ...... novel by him.

A. other
B. another
C. all
D. few

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Question 189

A man remains narrow minded, self compliance and ignorant unless he visits other people and ...... from them.

A. earns
B. borrows
C. learns
D. hears

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Question 190

My father ...... down for a nap.

A. lays
B. laid
C. lain
D. lie

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Question 191

I think they allow their children too much ......

A. liberality
B. latitude
C. lassitude
D. levity

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Question 192

Once you suspect a person of double dealing, you ought to keep him at arm's ......

A. distance
B. length
C. aim
D. width

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Question 193

Affix a revenue stamp and put your signature ...... it.

A. on
B. upo
C. above
D. over

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Question 194

My first lesson ...... forgiveness came from my mother.

A. upon
B. about
C. in
D. on

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Question 195

At one point, it looked as if an area of agreement would ...... specially over the issue of productivity linked wages.

A. develop
B. come out
C. emerge
D. grow

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Question 196

Do you know ......?

A. where she comes from
B. where does she come from
C. where from she comes
D. from where does she come

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Question 197

God is ......

A. graceful
B. gracious
C. grateful
D. greatful

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Question 198

He is so ...... that he immediately believe my story of ghosts.

A. innocent
B. credulous
C. vociferous
D. credible

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