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Simply Support Deflection MCQ Questions & Answers

Simply Support Deflection MCQs : This section focuses on the "Simply Support Deflection". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Simply Support Deflection skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

_____ has a lower heat of hydration.

A. Quarry dust
B. Fly ash
C. Ordinary Portland cement
D. Bulk sand

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Question 2

__________ of a beam is a measure of its resistance against deflection.

A. Strength
B. Stiffness
C. Slope
D. Maximum bending

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Question 3

____________ is the best example for accelerator (admixture).

A. Sulphonated formaldehyde
B. Calcium chloride
C. Sulphonated naphthalene
D. Polyglycolesters

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Question 4

_____________ is used to reduce the time for hardening of concrete.

A. Accelerators
B. Super plasticizer
C. Retarder
D. Air entraining admixture

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Question 5

A simply supported beam of span as shown in the figure is subjected to a concentrated load w at its metre span and also to a uniformly distributed load equality w what is the total diffraction it its midpoint.

A. 18 Wl3 /384 EI
B. 13 Wl3/ 384 EI
C. 5 Wl3/ 384 EI
D. 18 Wl3/ 384 EI

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Question 6

Calculate the maximum deflection of a simply supported beam if the maximum slope at A is 0.0075 radians and the distance of centre of gravity of bending moment diagram to support A is 1.33 metres.

A. 9.975 mm
B. 9.5 mm
C. 9.25 mm
D. 9.785 mm

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Question 7

Elastic line is also called as ___________

A. Deflection curve
B. Plastic curve
C. Linear curve
D. Hooke's curve

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Question 8

Full form of LEED ________

A. Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Development
B. Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design
C. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
D. Leadership in Efflorescence and Energy Demand

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Question 9

In simply supported beam deflection is maximum at ____________

A. Midspan
B. Supports
C. Point of loading
D. Through out

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Question 10

In simply supported beams, the slope is _____________ at supports.

A. Minimum
B. Zero
C. Maximum
D. Uniform

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Question 11

Meander ratio is the ratio of meander belt to __________

A. Meander depth
B. Meander width
C. Meander length
D. Meander cross-section

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Question 12

The average crushing strength of precast concrete blocks as per CAI is __________

A. 4.5 N/mm2
B. 5 N/mm2
C. 3.5 N/mm2
D. 4 N/mm2

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Question 13

The factors that influence rate of hydration is _________

A. The fineness of cement
B. Temperature of cement
C. Quality of water
D. Temperature of water

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Question 14

The maximum induced ___________ stresses should be within the safe permissible stresses to ensure strength of the beam.

A. Tensile
B. Compressive
C. Bending
D. Lateral

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Question 15

The steel suits best to reinforcement with concrete.


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Question 16

Elastic line is also called as ___________

A. Deflection curve
B. Plastic curve
C. Linear curve
D. Hooke’s curve

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