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Sprayers Classification MCQ Questions & Answers

Sprayers Classification MCQs : This section focuses on the "Sprayers Classification". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Sprayers Classification skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

At where is the pressure lower when the chemical travels through the rubber hose?

A. At the discharge part of the power sprayer
B. At the end of the hose
C. At the swirl plate
D. At the spray gun

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Question 2

Find the suction capacity of a power sprayer if diameter is 25 m, speed is 1100 rev/min length of stroke is 22 mm, number of plunger is 3.

A. 35.61 l/min
B. 23.90 l/min
C. 56.89 l/min
D. 35.47 l/min

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Question 3

Hand atomizer is used for spraying in _______

A. orchard
B. field crop
C. nursery
D. forests

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Question 4

In a pump, suction volume is 25 litres/min and the pump efficiency is 85%. Calculate the shaft power at a pressure of 35kg/cm2

A. 2.65 KW
B. 3.45 KW
C. 1.67 KW
D. 1.10 KW

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Question 5

Mysto hand is a type of which sprayer?

A. Stirrup pump type
B. Hand atomiser type
C. Bucket sprayer
D. Boom type field sprayer

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Question 6

The distance from the source water surface to the output of the pump is known as _________

A. total head
B. crank handle
C. nozzle
D. flow rate

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Question 7

Vane type or Propeller type are which type of pump?

A. Piston pump
B. Centrifugal pump
C. High volume pump
D. Rotary pump

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Question 8

What is pump efficiency?

A. P.E. = Water Horse Power * Shaft Horse Power
B. P.E. = Water Horse Power - Shaft Horse Power
C. P.E. = Water Horse Power + Shaft Horse Power
D. P.E. = \(\frac{Water \, Horse \, Power}{Shaft \, Horse \, Power} \)

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Question 9

What will be the water power which is required to discharge liquid at the rate of 30 litres/min at 30 kg/cm2 pressure?

A. 2.39 KW
B. 9.86 KW
C. 1.47 KW
D. 2.08 KW

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Question 10

Which sprayer is carried on the back of the operator?

A. Knapsack type
B. Stirrup pump type
C. Rocket sprayer
D. Bucket sprayer

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