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Testing and Troubleshooting MCQ Questions & Answers

Testing and Troubleshooting MCQs : This section focuses on the "Testing and Troubleshooting". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Testing and Troubleshooting skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A +5 V PCB power source that has been "pulled down" to a +3.4 V level may be due to:

A. a circuit open
B. a faulty regulator
C. the half-split method
D. a circuit short

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Question 2

The determination of a digital signal's frequency and waveshape is best accomplished with which test equipment?

A. an oscilloscope
B. a multimeter
C. a spectrum analyzer
D. a frequency generator

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Question 3

Which test equipment best allows a comparison between input and output signals?

A. an oscilloscope
B. a logic probe
C. a spectrum analyzer
D. a multitrace oscilloscope

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Question 4

The time needed for a pulse to increase from 10% to 90% of its amplitude defines:

A. pulse width
B. propagation delay
C. rise time
D. duty cycle

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Question 5

The duty cycle of a pulse is determined by which formula?

A. Duty Cycle =
B. Duty Cycle =
C. Duty Cycle =
D. Duty Cycle =

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Question 6

Measurement of pulse width should be taken at a 50% mean of the:

A. overshoot and undershoot
B. rise and fall
C. damping and ringing
D. leading and trailing amplitude

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Question 7

Which device would best aid in shorted track detection?

A. multimeter
B. current tracer
C. logic pulser
D. oscilloscope

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Question 8

The use of a multimeter with digital circuits allows the measurement of:

A. pulse width
B. voltage or resistance
C. current
D. pulse trains

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Question 9

What is the next step after discovering a faulty gate within an IC?

A. repair the gate
B. resolder the tracks
C. replace the IC involved
D. recheck the power source

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Question 10

A logic probe is placed on the output of a gate and the display indicator is dim. A logic pulser is used on each of the input terminals, but the output indication does not change. What is wrong?

A. The dim indication on the logic probe indicates that the supply voltage is probably low.
B. The output of the gate appears to be open.
C. The LOW indication is the result of a bad ground connection on the logic probe.
D. The gate is a tri-state device.

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Question 11

The use of triggered sweep when using an oscilloscope provides more accuracy in which area?

A. frequency
B. amplitude
C. graticule activity
D. timing

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Question 12

A series of gradually decreasing sine wave oscillations is called:

A. ringing
B. slew
C. overshooting
D. undershooting

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