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Tillage System MCQ Questions & Answers

Tillage System MCQs : This section focuses on the "Tillage System". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Tillage System skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

A flat plate which bears against and transmits lateral thrust of the plough bottom to the furrow wall is known as __________

A. Landside
B. Tail piece
C. Jointer
D. Coulter

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Question 2

A strip of land left unploughed at each end of the field for the tractor to turn is known as _______

A. Head land
B. Dead furrow
C. Back furrow
D. Crown

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Question 3

Reversible ploughs which have single bottom with such an arrangement that the plough bottom is changed from right hand to left hand by rotating it approximately 180°?

A. Turn Wrest plough
B. Disc plough
C. Chisel plough
D. Rotavator

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Question 4

What is the disc angle of a good plough?

A. 35°-39°
B. 42°-45°
C. 23°-27°
D. 59°-63°

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Question 5

What type of mouldboard is short but broader with a relatively abrupt curvature?

A. Sod or breaker
B. Slat
C. Stubble
D. General purpose

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Question 6

Which classification of tillage involves initial major soil working operation?

A. Secondary tillage
B. Primary tillage
C. Tertiary tillage
D. Primary & Secondary tillage

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Question 7

Which plough accessory is used to turn over a small ribbon like furrow slice directly in front of the main plough bottom?

A. Coulter
B. Gauge wheel
C. Jointer
D. Land wheel

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Question 8

Which plough is the combination of principles of the regular disc plough and the disc harrow and is used for shallow working in the soil?

A. Vertical disc plough
B. Chisel plough
C. Subsoiler
D. Standard disc plough

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Question 9

Which plough is used to cut and pulverise soil by impact forces by means of a number of rotary tynes or knives?

A. Rotating auger plough
B. Rotavator
C. Chisel plough
D. Rotary plough

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Question 10

Which primary tillage operation is performed to cut, break and invert the soil partially or completely?

A. Ploughing
B. Winnowing
C. Threshing
D. Harrowing

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