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Vertical Side Phase MCQ Questions & Answers

Vertical Side Phase MCQs : This section focuses on the "Vertical Side Phase". These Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) should be practiced to improve the Vertical Side Phase skills required for various interviews (campus interview, walk-in interview, company interview), placement, entrance exam and other competitive examinations.

Question 1

_______ curing is adopted for columns and walls.

A. Moist curing
B. Membrane curing
C. Ponding
D. Descending stage

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Question 2

Calculate the horizontal water pressure acting on a dam. The total depth of water be 13m. Take specific weight of water be 10kN/m3.

A. 765 kN
B. 845 kN
C. 965 kN
D. 1175 kN

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Question 3

Calculate the self weight of trapezoidal dam with top width 5m and bottom width 8m. The height of dam is 15 m. Consider specific weight of masonry be 25kN/m3.

A. 3456.5 kN
B. 2768.5 kN
C. 2437.5 kN
D. 3450 kN

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Question 4

Calculate the self-weight of a rectangular dam of 22m high and 8m wide. It contains water upto a height of 20m. Consider the specific weight of masonry be 25 kN/m3.

A. 3560 kN
B. 5432 kN
C. 4400 kN
D. 5680 kN

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Question 5

For no _______ to develop in the dam section the resultant should always lie within the middle third.

A. Compression
B. Tension
C. Shear
D. Buckling

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Question 6

Prestressed concrete is an example of _____________

A. Malleability
B. Ductility
C. Fatigue
D. Plasticity

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Question 7

The angle of internal friction for water is __________

A. 180°
B. 100°
C. 0°
D. 270°

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Question 8

The inclination of surcharge to the horizontal is called ____________

A. Surcharge elevation
B. Surcharge angle
C. Surcharge factor
D. Surcharge depression

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Question 9

The material(earth) retained by the retaining wall is called as __________

A. Surcharge
B. Turf
C. Foliate
D. Back fill

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Question 10

The maximum compressive stresses developed at the base of the dam should not exceed permissible ___________ stresses for masonry.

A. Tensile
B. Crippling
C. Compressive
D. Shear

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Question 11

The pressure intensity of water at free surface is ________

A. Zero
B. Maximum
C. Minimum
D. Uniform

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Question 12

Which of the following is an example for plasticizer?

A. Ca
B. Mg
C. Zn
D. Hg

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Question 13

Which of the following is practical pressure?

A. Active earth pressure
B. Passive earth pressure
C. Soil moisture tension
D. Horizontal water pressure

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Question 14

Which of the following is theoretical pressure?

A. Active earth pressure
B. Passive earth pressure
C. Soil Tension
D. Horizontal water pressure

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