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Pipette Method - Geotechnical Engineering MCQs

Pipette Method MCQs : Here you will find MCQ Questions related to "Pipette Method" in Geotechnical Engineering. These Pipette Method MCQ Questions Will help you to improve your Geotechnical Engineering knowledge and will prepare you for various Examinations like Competitive Exams, Placements, Interviews and other Entrance Exmaniations.

Question 1

_________ cannot be used as a dispersing agent in preparing soil suspension

A. Sodium oxide
B. Sodium polyphosphate
C. Sodium oxalate
D. Sodium silicate

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Question 2

___________ is the process of removal of organic matter and calcium compounds in the dispersion method.

A. Sedimentation
B. Pretreatment
C. Evaporation
D. consolidation

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Question 3

_________ method is used as a standard sedimentation method than hydrometer in a laboratory

A. hydrometer
B. Sieve
C. Pipette
D. Sedimentation analysis method

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Question 4

To have a proper dispersion of the soil, Deflocculating agent is used as a?

A. Calgon
B. Mechanical agent
C. Dispersing agent
D. None of the above

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Question 5

The soil is treated with _______ to remove organic matter.

A. hydrogen peroxide
B. Sodium oxalate
C. Hydrochloric acid
D. Sodium silicate

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Question 6

In pipette analysis apparatus, the water outlet is present at __________

A. Top
B. Bottom
C. Slightly above bottom
D. Mid

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Question 7

The recommended time interval for the drainage in pipette analysis is __________

A. 2,4,6,12,20 and 30 min
B. 1,8,16,24 min
C. 24,30,34,40,46 min
D. 1/2,1,2,4,8,15, and 30 min

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Question 8

Which of the following is not a disadvantage, in using the pipette method for sedimentation analysis?

A. The apparatus is very simple
B. The method of process is simple
C. Requires very accurate weight
D. It requires more time

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Question 9

Sodium hexametaphosphate, which is used in preparing soil suspension is also called as?

A. Deflocculating agent
B. Calgon
C. Aggregate
D. None of the above

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Question 10

The dispersing agents that are mixed with soil particle act as a cementing soluble to withhold the particles present.

C. Can be true or false
D. Can not say

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