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Point Defects - Materials Science MCQ Questions

Point Defects MCQs : Here you will find MCQ Questions related to "Point Defects" in Materials Science. These Point Defects MCQ Questions Will help you to improve your Materials Science knowledge and will prepare you for various Examinations like Competitive Exams, Placements, Interviews and other Entrance Exmaniations

Question 1

How many types of point defects?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

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Question 2

Point defects are accounted for when the crystallization process occurs at a very fast rate.

A. Yes
B. No
C. Can be yes or no
D. Can not say

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Question 3

Which type of point defect, the ratio of positive and negative ions (Stoichiometric) and electrical neutrality of a solid is not disturbed?

A. Frenkel Defect
B. Schottky defect
C. Stoichiometric Defect
D. All of the above

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Question 4

Which compound mainly shows vacancy and interstitial defects?

A. ionic
B. non-ionic
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

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Question 5

Which defect also known as dislocation defect?

A. Stoichiometric Defect
B. Vacancy defect
C. Interstitial defect
D. Frenkel Defect

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Question 6

Which of the following example of Frenkel Defect?

A. ZnS
B. AgCl
C. Nacl
D. Both A and B

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Question 7

Which is not a name given to vacancy in some ionic solid?

A. H-center
B. F-center
C. Color center
D. Luminescence center

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Question 8

In which of the following defect the density of the crystal is affected?

A. Schottky defect
B. Frenkel defect
C. Stone-Wales defect
D. Antisite defect

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Question 9

Which type of diffusion occurs due to the exchange of an atom with vacancies?

A. Elimination diffusion
B. Passive diffusion
C. Substitution diffusion
D. Facilated diffusion

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Question 10

Which of the following is not the feature of solute and solvent atoms that determine the degree to which former dissolve in latter?

A. Valences
B. Atomic size factor
C. Crystal structure
D. Corrosion factor

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